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Team Content Meeting Minutes 2020-06-06



Absent without notice


Evaluate comments

  • Call for Participation
  • No reference to other volunteering systems
  • Make it a little bit more positive
  • Claudia: create a banner with the motto
  • Rest will be discussed over the mailing list

Evaluate layout

  • We are looking at the pretalx instance using screen sharing.
  • Remarks are made that the header size is too big. Text size is fine (14).
  • Embed the map or create a picture of the map.
  • Not everybody has activated their account yet, the old account doesn't work for the production version.
  • Consensus: minimal design.

Coco will figure out if Redmine is the chosen platform of the orga.

  • piele: Zammad is the tool of choice.
  • Zammad looks nice, not many features, has custom fields. Reporting is not there, we need to create that.
  • Conclusion: Zammad it will be.
  • Erik will look at creating the reporting tool in Python.
  • Not one ticket per person but multiple should be possible, try to keep it simple.

Zammad/workflow discussion

  • Some explanations were given.
  • Coco will request Piele for Zammad accounts and looks for a way to discuss speaker names either inside pretalx or on a private wiki page.

Starting the hunt for speakers/content

  • Some persons are discussed
  • Ask now but be careful in the wording

Topics for next meeting

  • Final text Cfp
  • Final layout Cfp
  • Zammad status, work flow status
  • Pretalx next steps, configuring Pretalx
  • Naming stages
  • Speakers contacting

Next meeting time June 20 14:00 - 15:30