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Team Content Meeting Minutes 2020-06-20



Absent with notice

Absent without notice

Notes: who volunteers?


Final text Cfp

Walter describes some tweaks, mostly about the esoteric bit. There is some worry parts of it are too negative, and work is done to make it less gloomy.

There is discussion on if we need to encourage people more, or promise them early feedback. The worry is we won't deliver in that.

Experience is that loads of people submit anyhow - but we also want to encourage people to submit even if they are shy or have stage fright etc.

Final layout Cfp

There are no objections to the layout. The new CSS needs to be uploaded to Pretalx.

Zammad status, work flow status

There is an update via Coco - Piele has plans to put Zammad live in a couple of weeks. There is also worry from Coco that the liaison role with orga is obsolete, but the rest strongly appreciates it. Jos will discuss this with her and see what can be done.

Pretalx next steps, configuring Pretalx

Discussion around length of submission, but requires hidden fields and some work. Walter finds getting the CFP out of the door has priority. We also need a "needs financial support" field. Erik will do it: do you need financial support, how much money do you need then? And finally, what do you need it for. Needs to be worded carefully. Also ask for support for visa, special needs or special equipment.

We should make it clear the speaker needs to argue their case to make a claim on the limited budget. Also clarify they need to argue up front and not after acceptance. Bert will update the CFP to that effect.

Naming stages

Various ideas are mentioned, like naming stages after vegetables, or naming stages after previous events. The reason to pick a name now is that otherwise other people will do so for us. The vegetable theme has some enthousiasm. They must have emojis. We need at least 6 names.

Speakers contacting

Claudia wrote a page -> https://sha2021.eu/index.php/Content#Ideas_for_subjects

Bert bagged a "definite maybe" from the European Commission and will write it up in Pretalx. He'll also copy his generic introduction "MCH for normal people" on the Wiki.

Topics for next meeting

Naming stages, contacts, Zamad (hopefully live by then).

Next meeting time

4th of July and 25th of July, 14:00 - 15:00, so we can send out the CFP on the 1st of August.