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Team Content Field meeting minutes

Meeting together with Production house

We are gonna have: - 3-4 stages - 1 stage will have remote speaker capabilities. depending on covid situation we can request 2 stages with these capa but we should decide two months in advance - There may be an outdoor stage, especially for concerts (PL are discussing having most stages "outdoors" for COVID reasons)

Requirements: - slides 16:9, 1080p preferred (not obligatory) - audio: HDMI or 3.5" - dongles will be provided by PH, however it's recommended that speakers bring adapters to HDMI if they have one, especially for esoteric or custom hardware

Requirements for remote speakers: - good internet connection(?) - testing appointment 15 minutes (PH would like to participate) - zoom, google meet, jitsi, bbb; (2) [!!!] ms teams won't work, (3) webex not tested - preferred priorities: google meet (firefox or chrome), jitsi (chrome, edge)

Idea: Maybe use halfnarp to decide which talks are most requested

Content team only meeting

All agree that CFP should be launched soon.

If pretalx supports that we should add a new submission status "old"/"obsolete"/etc and mass-update all submissions. Then send out an e-mail to all speakers. They should refresh their submissions for them to be valid.

'Meeting continues after the walk'

Noted that during the walk, Walter remotely updated Pretalx to change references from 2021 to 2022.

Meeting with Team:Infodesk

Blog post to announce opening of CfP discussed.

We will provide a positive draft blog post for proof reading.

Meeting with Team:Sysadmin

CFP software was updated to pretalx 2.2.0


task done-by responsible done?
check if pretalx supports extra status for submissions (and if it doesn't cause any trouble later on) 4. sept. Kirils withdrawn
PREPARE blogpost about re-opening; positive, idea:"hey, we're alive and back again" 9. sept. Kirils no
propose the solution to the mailing list, final decision by 10. sept. Martian yes
CFP text grammar check 11. sept. Hugh yes
CFP publish 12. sept. Walter yes
Send an e-mail to past speakers 12.sept. Walter yes
PUBLISH blogpost about re-opening (Info needs it 3 days ahead of time) 13. sept. Team:Info
tweets, media, whatever 13. sept. Team:Info
Choose time for next meeting 16. sept. Everyone yes


Getting positive confirmation of CfP submission to MCH2022

In Pretalx we have ~ 80 proposals saved from MCH2021. When MCH2021 was cancelled, we emailed asking people to withdraw and indicating we would find a way to carry over submissions that weren't withdrawn to MCH2022.

We think positive confirmation from the proposer is required after such a long time, to ensure we aren't considering proposals which are no longer valid (where people have missed emails etc.).

Having investigated Pretalx we propose the following solution:

  • We will keep the '2021' event, modified by Walter to refer to 2022, with all proposals intact
  • We will modify the CfP form to include an option which basically states whether the person wishes to have their CfP considered for MCH2022, defaulting to 'no'
  • We will email all submitters asking them to change this on their CfP if they wish it to be considered for MCH2022
  • Any CfPs which have this option set as 'no' after the end of the year will be withdrawn by us (depending on how many there are, we may contact them by email beforehand)