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Name Conference

Roles In Cluster

  • Write and publish a call for papers
  • Evaluate submissions for presentations and workshops, inform speakers about whether their submission is accepted or not
  • Schedule presentations and workshops
  • Publish the program online
  • Invite specific known interesting speakers
  • Determine, with PL, the policy for reimbursement of expenses
  • Integrate content organized by villages
  • Troubleshoot scheduling issues during the event together with Speakerdesk, Heralds and Productiehuis
  • Train the Herald volunteers
  • Moderate Q&A sessions at the end of talks (if requested by the speaker)
  • Monitor speakers and take care of needs that arise during presentations
  • Watch the room and make sure the event/talk runs smoothly
  • Minimize delays in the schedule (ensure speakers start and end on time)
  • Provide audio/visual and lighting equipment for stages
  • Configure the AV equipment
  • Design the stage layout
  • Control equipment during sessions
  • Provide streaming and recording for all event talks
  • Provide technical instructions on microphones etc. for heralds
  • Have a physical presence at the event where speakers can go to
  • Confirm that the speakers are present, contact them and initiate rescheduling if not
  • Inform speakers about the license for the stream
  • Try to deal with last-minute requests/needs from speakers