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Name Finance

Roles In Cluster

  • Design and sell memorabilia such as clothing
  • Set prices, discuss with Treasury
  • When possible, allow pre-sales via the ticket shop
  • Have a physical space/shop where people can pick up or buy the merch.
  • Implement the MCH2022_Payment_System
  • Provide support to merchants (People selling things)
  • Provide support/refunds to customers (People buying things)
  • Create sponsor package with information for prospective sponsors
  • Establish a sponsor policy
  • Find businesses that can donate to, or sponsor the event
  • Establish sponsoring contracts
  • Remember sponsors to deliver on their promises
  • Host a website that is the ticket shop
  • Sell tickets
  • Sell merchandise
  • Sell village rental services
  • Use the ticket shop to recruit volunteers
  • Require agreement to the official Terms and Conditions
  • Establish a ticket exchange page on the wiki with guidelines and advice
  • Execute the legal responsibilities of Stichting IFCAT Foundation regarding finances (including taxes)
  • Establish an overall budget.
  • Instruct teams on how to file budget requests.
  • Triage budget requests from teams
  • Give advise regarding financial decisions.
  • Write procedures and policies, with example forms, for team expenses.
  • Reimburse volunteer expenses.
  • Manage the flow of virtual and real money at the event
  • Provide tents, chairs, and tables for villages.
  • Set prices and arrange pre-sales via the ticket shop
  • Have a physical place where people can pick up and return the goods they have ordered
  • Supervise that people only take what they paid for.
  • Ask On-Site to deliver large orders directly to villages