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Name Infra

Roles In Cluster


  • Provide wired and wireless ethernet/IP/optical connectivity for crew and visitors
  • Acquire internet up-link
  • Source equipment
  • Write instructions for users
  • Help users connect their equipment
  • Monitor internet usage to provide statistics
  • Receive and triage special requests from villages and crew
  • Decide locations of datenklos and cable routes, put those on the map
  • Process abuse requests
  • Maintain servers for network infrastructure (not other servers)
  • Provide server colocation for crew
  • (Optional) provide server colocation for visitors


  • Provide a DECT phone system for the crew, from early build-up to late tear-down
  • Provide desk phones for teams with desks
  • Provide phone systems for visitors, if capacity allows
  • Help users connect their equipment
  • Plan and deploy on-site power grid
  • List and acquire the required equipment
  • Check deliveries for completeness
  • Estimate and calculate the required capacity per area
  • Receive and triage special requests from villages, crew, and horeca(catering)
  • Insure the equipment if needed
  • Monitor outages and fuel levels
  • Provide statistics of power usage
  • Decide locations of generators, distribution boxes, and cable routes, put those on the map
  • Accompany equipment and fuel suppliers
  • Be stand by to fix power outages
  • Prepare rented goods for pickup after the event, according to the supplier’s instructions
  • Provide audio/visual and lighting equipment for stages
  • Configure the AV equipment
  • Design the stage layout
  • Control equipment during sessions
  • Provide streaming and recording for all event talks
  • Provide technical instructions on microphones etc. for heralds


  • Provide portable two-way radio communication for crew
  • Provide instructions on how to use the radios
  • Provide a place where people can swap batteries for charged ones
  • Find out which permits are required
  • Stand by 24/7 to fix comms for Health & Safety if things break
  • Install, maintain and support hosted services for the event
  • Classify parts of the infrastructure according to importance, make sure the most important services keep running or are fixed swiftly.
  • Infrastructure may include: registering service, chatting service, file sharing, voice chat (mumble), email, calendar, group mailing lists, support ticketing system, collaborative text editing tool, project management tools, call for paper system, volunteering registration, wiki, and everything else that may be needed.