Deco Meeting 20220504

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Deco meeting 2022-05-04


  • Moem
  • Hoxolotl
  • Janneke
  • Oliver
  • polyfloyd
  • SA007

Update from Janneke

Flags were more work than expected. Design is finished. Requested a quote from Drukzo which was cheaper than Drukwerkdeal.

The number of flags is expected to be about 500.

Will incorporate the flag design in banners for content.

Janneke asked Stitch for 'bouwhekken' to put banners on.

Update from Moem

Asked for temporary road paint. Purpose is decoration and signage for things where people want to be.

Will start making stuff next week.

Update from Hoxolotl

Acquired 300 meters of light rope! The controller switches to WiFi control on powerup, but switches to infra-red control after half an hour which makes setting up easier.

Got smoke machine without smoke fluid, need to order that.

Got a kaleidoscopic light but supply is limited to 18.

Update from Oliver

Making a new prototype for the Octahedron.

We are now adapting our designs so manufacturing can happen mostly in Denmark while still being portable enough to bulk-ship to the camp site.

Update from SA007

LEDs have been fixed into the light fixtures. Still need to do some controller board debugging. When confident about the board, will order 90 pieces.

Update from polyfloyd

Map project needs design! -> Will delegate to Janneke

Budget -> Growing into our 40K space, need to talk about Henry about continuing this approach

Lenny Face -> Update wiki for delegation to orga@ ML