Deco Meeting 20220518

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Deco meet 2022-05-18

Update from Hafnium

Oliver is making the CAD model for the Crystal units. Will use copper thread instead of glue to assemble on-site. Spoke with the person making the PCB, has everything he needs to start except an ethernet port to the ESP, I will help him with that. This project is looking to be done in time.

Q: There was some talk on the Signal chat about a VM? Could we have one for MQTT? A: Arrange a dedicated VM with the Infra Team

Update from Moem

Spent money! It was fun!

Bought wood that will arive next week at SA007's workshop. Got paint, and shiny "stucloper" for some experimentation.

Getting some triplex for stencils.

Also chalk paint for road and hardened surface decorations and way pointers.

SA007 and myself will be getting our cherry picker certificate on June 8th.

Next up is the lecterns, got averring I need for that.

On the field day as we were walking near the Family Village with trees about 3 meters apart. The idea was to have hammocks there with disco balls? Hammocks are cheap. Delegate to Team Family Village.

Q/Hoxolotl: Where will your laser lights be deployed? I have 2 ideas. A: Along the paths.

Update from SA007

Received circuit boards for the RGBlocks, all assembled as well. Just needs wiring right now.

Update from Oliver

No news from my side, all set on the Crystal lamps project.

Update from Hoxolotl

Did budgetting and made Henry happy. Can order more stuff now. Going to try to get more kaleidoscope lamps.

Mitch Altman contacted me while at Tkkrlab, he wants a "Portal to HOPE". HOPE is another hacker conference that happens at the same time as MCH. This portal would be a kind of video connection to be able to wave at the other people.

Going to order more cloth for the flowers and will start designing fixture for the lamp flowers.

Q: How can I get stuff moved from my place to the terrain? A: Arrange with Team Off-Site Transportation. TEAM DOES NOT EXIST (yet?)

Update from Janneke

Very big list of things to order. Working on designing for the map, banner, content, more banners, drinking water, etc.

One last hurdle for the flags relating to where to hang them. But we can use the poles for "priklicht".

Update from polyfloyd

Sweatshop, May 28th, please help if you are not busy with your own projects.

Lenny Face project needs owner.

Close to E_RESOURCE_EXHAUSTION due to personal things.


Power cords to power projects at specific locations on the terrain. Have not been arranged.

  • Octahedron lamps: 100 watt PSU powers 5 lamps, got 3 PSUs
  • Crystal obelisks: Placement not known yet, could be patches or along a path.

Off-Site Transportation was expected to be fulfilled by a dedicated team but this team does not exist (yet?). We have to thing about arranging this by ourselves.

Moving capacity:

  • SA007 has large 7 cubic meter trailer
  • Bitlair has small trailer