Deco Meeting 20220628

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Deco Meeting 2022-06-29

Update from Moem

Welcome to Michiel! Whom is helping me with the gate. Have been working on the gate, signs and other stuff.

Lecterns have been finished, with LEDs that will work fine on video!

Workshop rented in Wijchen was a good idea, getting a lot done there.

Update from SA007

Got bad news: We will not have the cherry picker that SA007 is working on. It is not possible to get it certified. There is another cherry picker on the terrain that is used to build the stage, might be available from the 15th, have to verify. Otherwise we will have to rent an extra one.

We also still need to estimate how much time is needed to build up the gate, dragon, tarp sculpture etc. so we can schedule the cherry picker.

  • Gate: half a day
  • Dragon: not required
  • Tarp Sculpture: 1 day (???)

Update from Oliver & Hafnium

Yesterday we ordered out PCB's, just in time for assembly. Made progress on the light itself, made a few small changes to make it easier to install.

The PCB's is all we still need that can not be bought easily.

Q Moem: If you have leftover PCB's could you cut some triangles from them?

Because of accessibility issues we are locked to a single piece of software for PCB design. We are using a trial version of this software which is about to run out. The actual license is 250 EUR which is too much for our personal budget.

Update from polyfloyd

Crystals are on schedule, 10 glueing finished, 8 have foil. Waiting for materials that are coming on start of next week

Received remaining power plugs for the lamps.

Still need sacks and tie wraps for waterproofing outdoor power connection, outsourced to Moem.

Update from Hoxolotl

Dragon is progressing fine, still missing a bit of tubing and other small components. Will harvest aluminium foil and glue sticks soon-ish.

Did glue test for tubing that fixes the flower in front of the projectors, which works but needed a special glue. I did a test run on how to build a test run to build the flowers, will do a sweatshop on the 9th. As for the light ropes I tested a system to put them on the ground which works but the Action has run out of the things I need. Moem will check in her area.

Portal to HOPE: Got 2 32 inch TVs. Still need to coordinate with Mitch on how to place things.

polyfloyd: pls send Henry his invoices :)

Update from SA007

About 50-60 PCB's for the lamps are assembled, the remainders are in my workshop.

Update from Janneke

Map session next week Tuesday 5th July.