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Project Name Dragon
Contact User:Hoxolotl
Status in progress
Budget 1400
Fabric Length (meter) 10

TODO: Provide a brief description.


  • Transport needed:
    • 3 big boxes of parts (ish) to fetch at TkkrLab
    • Aluminium trusses and tools and a bike to fetch at my appartment in Enschede.
      • 4 x 220cm
      • 1 x 126cm
      • 1 x 132cm
      • 4 X 75cm
      • 1 x 60cm
      • 1 x 43cm
      • 1 x 80cm
      • 1 x 65cm
      • 1 x 22cm
      • 1 x 17cm
  • Permits:
    • None: it's outside, secured to a drum containing about 600l of water.
  • Power needs:
    • 400W fogger
    • 1200VA, 10A Fuse smoke machine
    • various LED lights (Power TBA, but not much).
    • Beamers (3x +- 150W)
  • Network:
    • no netwrok required

Design Overview

Dragon Trusses


  • Aluminium building technique tested
  • smoke machine built (and tested)
  • Todo:
    • lighting (there are several led power lights and drivers at TkkrLab I could use, need to figure out how -Hoxolotl)

Shopping list

    • aluminium podium trusses (old stuff from Hoxolotl)
    • DMX lighting sets (old stuff from Hoxolotl)
    • around 16 rolls of aluminium foil (32,-)
    • around 30 boxes of hot glue (540,-)
    • 4 good hot glue guns (120,-)
    • a hot plate (old stuff from Hoxolotl)
    • farm 1000L pallet basket (Gebruikte IBC Container vloeistofcontainer 1000 lt) around 60,-
    • smoking machine
      • The smoke machine will be build according to a similar design as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM4D5JZAtXg
      • tubs and plastic tubings: around 100,-
      • descent smoke machine: around 300,-
      • 10 header ultrasonic fog machine: around 120,-
    • transport: to and from location, around 120,-
    • renting a place to build it up: tbd around 28th october.

Total budget assessment current: 1 392,- and possible renting a space to build up from may-july

Howto: Prepare

  • The body of the dragon is shaped using aluminium podium trusses, aluminium foil and hot glue.
  • using the same techniques as described here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G68RID8pZ0
  • the scales will however be layered on top of the "crunpled foil body".
  • scales will be made individually using single, not crumpled aluminium sheets and hot glue on a heated plate.
  • the smoke and light systems will be placed beneath the structure.
  • if possible the dragon will have wings, this needs to be tested.

  • TODO: Is there a part in the preparation process that can be performed in parallel by a group of volunteers?
  • TODO: Do volunteers require a specific set of skills?
  • TODO: How many volunteers over how many hours are required?
  • TODO: Is the preparation bound to a specific location?
  • TODO: How much space is required to store the project before it is moved to the event site?

TODO: Describe the manufacturing process in the highest level of detail.

Howto: Buildup

  • Stored:
    • at Hoxolotl's Basement
    • at TkkrLab
  • Team Logistics needed:
    • YES, there's a lot of trusses, and several boxes of equipment to pick up at Hoxolotl's home and TkkrLab, both i Enschede.
  • Volunteers needed:
    • one or two helpers could be nice, but they need to have a feeling for art and crafts, as it will involve gluing and forming aluminium sheets in complex patterns and forms.
  • Time required:
    • two to three days build depending on weather and skills of the helpers.
  • Set up:
    • bring all the trusses to build up location.
    • tools and parts in the Deco tent

Howto: Teardown

  • TODO: Throw/give away?
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?
  • TODO: How much waste in cubic meters is produced?