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Procedure for Declaration costs

  1. Make sure the expense is approved by the team lead and/or projectleiding
  2. Pay the amount from your own bank account/credit card/etc.
  3. Fill out this form File:Declaration-form-mch2022.xlsx or File:Declaration-form-mch2022 31-10-2021.pdf completely and sign it
  4. Make sure that the entire form is readable
  5. Illegible documents are rejected
  6. Declarations can only be made within 30 days after receipt date
  7. Scan corresponding receipts (in color)
  8. Handwritten receipts are not accepted
  9. Combine everything in one PDF
  10. E-mail this PDF to
  11. You’ll receive a response by e-mail
  12. When your request has been handled, it will be paid to your bank account asap

Procedure payment in advance

  1. Contact team-finance
  2. During the event, advance payments shall only take place within the portocabin complex.
  3. Notification of reason for the payment in advance. Is it necessary.
  4. Provide an indication of how much it will cost. Where is the indication based on.
  5. Fill in the form File:Declaration-form-mch2022.xlsx or File:Declaration-form-mch2022 31-10-2021.pdf payment in advance and sign it.
  6. The payment in advance is granted
  7. After purchasing the goods / services, the receipt must be returned to Team-Finance with the remainder of the advance. Handwritten notes are not accepted.