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A picture of a food court sign with beautiful nature in the background.

To fill your bellies and nurture your bodies, there will be food trucks on the field to provide you with food throughout the camp.

The food trucks will sell specialised food, snacks like fresh fruits, hot waffles and cold ice cream, but also breakfast options like sandwiches with egg or bacon. There will be international foods like Asian wok bowls, pasta, and BBQ. And of course there will be some typical Dutch foods as well, like sweet or savoury pancakes, and fries with mayonnaise and croquettes.

There will also be vegan and vegetarian options.

The food court will be open until tear down starts on 26 July, 18:00.

Menus and Prices

As the food trucks appear to have run into trouble printing their menu and prices, here is a crowd-sourced open-data effort to provide this information. If any information here is missing, inaccurate or out-dated, please update this page accordingly.


  • Burger with beef: 7.50€
  • Burger with beef and cheese: 8.00€
  • Burger with beef, cheese and bacon: 8.50€
  • Burger vegetarian: 8.50€
  • Burger vegan: court vendors appear to disagree among themselves whether their buns are vegan
  • Bratwurst: 6.00€


  • Pizza Salami: ???€
  • Pizza Pulled Chicken: ???€
  • Pizza Margherita: 9,00 €
  • Pizza Vegan: ???€
  • People are not so happy with Taste
  • People are wondering how one can serve such pizza at a nerd event, as nerds are the natural pizza somelier


  • naturelle: 5.00€
  • nutella: 6.00€
  • lot's of other options

Coffee & Crap

  • Coffee: 2.75€
  • Tea: 2.75€
  • other coffee things available > 2.75€
  • baked goods available: ???€

Nachos Supreme

Exciting power setup inside the Nacho truck.
  • Nachos: 6.00€
  • Burrito Chicken: 9.00€
  • Burrito Beef: 9.00€
  • Burrito vegan: ???


  • 2 Spring rolls: 4.00€
  • A small box of noodles: 9.50€