Harbour facilities and rules

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Harbour Rules

Water is cool, but can be risky. So we have some rules specific to the harbour to keep it safe and fun:

  1. In the harbour we deal with moving vessels and vehicles. We require you to follow instructions by crew when needed;
  2. The captain (not the harbour authority nor passengers) is the sole responsible person on moving vessels. The main task is to safeguard the ship and its souls. According to Dutch law you have to follow the Captain’s instructions (seating, the use of life vests, help to dock a ship, wait for the next ferry or not travel at all, etc.);
  3. It is everybody’s duty do everything possible to prevent accidents from happening and prevent injury and/or damage;
  4. Ships are to contact Safe Harbour before arrival by VHF or phone;
  5. No ship shall be anchored within 100 meters of the dock. Nor lay lines, nets, pots or floating gear in a way that can obstruct other visitors without the (S)harbourmasters permission;
  6. Maximum speed within 100 meters of the harbour is 5 km/h (2.7 knots);
  7. No vessel should discharge rubbish or pollutant of any kind. The harbour is in an environmental zone. Violations must be reported to authorities. It’s filthy and unhealthy. No dumping!
  8. Water carries noise far. No loud noise between midnight and 8am unless needed;
  9. Children up to 12 years are not allowed to play alone in the harbour area. Watch your children: water is not without risk!
  10. The harbour has an area where vessels aren’t allowed to move. A line with yellow balls indicates this. You can use this space at your own risk. Use common sense (e.g. be there with your kids, don't swim alone in the dark, don't swim intoxicated);

We work hard to make MCH2022 a brilliant experience for you. These rules are to help make that happen. After safety the main priority is to ensure you have a good time at MCH2022. Please understand that and be excellent to each other!


Hackers in a Harbour! At MCH2022 we operate the Safe Harbour Authority to meet all your water, first aid, security and fire protection needs. In the harbour you will find a place filled with fun activities, ships and experiences. The highlights and rules can be found in this flyer. Safe Harbour is the safe haven for hackers, a place where you can choose to either raise or lower your privacy shield! We have the following facilities:

  1. Safe Harbour Office! The main stage of the Safe Harbour is the Ebenhaëzer. This beautiful historic ship operates as the office of the Safe Harbour Authority or: the (S)Harbourmaster’s office. During MCH2022 there will always be someone in the office and you can call us 24 hours a day. It will be the Infodesk for people arriving over water. It will be docked at the beginning of the pier as an official entry point for the event.
  2. Docking places for boats. When registered and in possession of a ticket you can dock your boat in the harbour and have one of the coolest places to sleep and relax. We have infrastructure to deliver water, power and networking. For captains we offer a captains club and with a little bit of luck our own official licensed butler with sailing expertise will take care of your service requests;
  3. Underwater Hacking. For our youngest hackers we have snorkeling gear to let them discover the deeper waters under the Safe Harbour. Please ensure that the kids aren’t unattended. Snorkeling is possible thanks to Family Village.
  4. Ferry service! For transport across the Nuldernauw and anchored ships we offer a ferry service on board of our ship: the Hash. During camp the hours of operation start at 9 am and we stop at 2am. The ferry only runs when requested: so contact Safe Harbour and travel in style. Please note that extreme weather can be a reason not to operate the vessel.