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A jitsi server is available for the orga to meet and organize MCH2022. It requires a modern browser (with a preference towards Chrome) to connect. You can use a microphone and webcam to interact with others, but there is also a chat option.

Meeting rooms are created ad-hoc, on the following url: https://meet.social.mch2022.org/adhocroom

If you want a nice map to walk around and automatically hop channels, use: https://play.social.mch2022.org


You can test your audio/video on any jitsi url, as meeting rooms are created ad-hoc. For example: https://meet.social.mch2022.org/testing

Behavior guidelines

  • Please configure audio/video before the meeting, preferably in a separate channel
  • Please mute yourself when not speaking, if you're only listening in, mute yourself
  • Try to have a distraction-free environment, a more silent room for example
  • Only use the chat on instruction of a speaker. In general only use the chat to ask questions

Thank you for maintaining a healthy signal-to-noise ratio!