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Project Name Lecterns
Contact User:Moem
Status ready
Budget 200
Fabric Length (meter)

Speaker desks for use by speakers to plant their laptop and notes on during presentations

We will be reusing the 3 speaker desks from SHA2017, as the whereabouts of all these are known. We will retrofit them with new lights and stuff to match MCH's theme.

Yes, we will make sure to use recording friendly lights with a higher PWM this time :)


  • Team Productiehuis is stakeholder of this project


  • The old lecterns are still present. One is currently in Bitlair, the other two are with Moem. They need to be freshened up and brought in with the visual theme. The lighting needs to be changed.
  • Bitlair's board has been notified to not throw the lectern out in the mean time
  • All three lecterns are now at Moem's, and the paintwork has been cleaned up. Work has started on redecorating. Circuit boards to steer the new lighting have been fabricated.

Update: the lecterns are done! The new lighting looks très spiffy.

Howto: Prepare

  • Moem can do this alone over the winter.
  • They can be stored at Moem's place.
  • The lights will be ripped out and replaced with twisting, knotted green rightropes. Leaves will be added. Possibly a flower and probably also a logo. different lighting. The lecterns will be repainted. The glass will be painted.

Howto: Buildup

  • Stored in Zevenaar
  • Would be nice if Logistics could pick it up
  • No volunteers required
  • No buildup required
  • Unload carefully. Take each one into a track tent. Done.

Howto: Teardown

  • We can probably give them away.