MCH Orgameet Januari 2022

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MCH Orgameet Januari 2022
Name MCH2021 Orga Meeting januari 2022
StartDate 2022/01/08 13:37:00
EndDate 2022/01/08 23:59:00
Where Cancelled



We hope you all had happy holidays and a good new year. The PL team definitely did, and with the intense preparations for opening the ticket shop at the end of last year, taking time to unwind and re-energise during the holidays was both needed and gratifying.

With the vacations, we did not have enough time to prepare something fun for the (now virtual) orgameet that was planned for tomorrow. Because of that, and because there’s a regular orga jitsi already next Wednesday too, we decided to cancel the orgameet.

That means there is no meeting tomorrow, and we will see each other again in the MCH Orga Jitsi on Wednesday Jan 12th at 20:00.

Of course we still want to plan something fun to do together instead of the orgameet sometime soon. If you have any fun ideas yourself, please let us know. We’ll keep you all posted!

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