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MCH2021 mailing lists

"The" orga list

The orga has many lists, but the orga list is The orga list. Everyone who's interested in being part of the orga, or just wants to monitor what's going on, should subscribe to that list.

↑ This is the URL you're probably looking for :) ↑

Team and project mailing lists

Unfortunately, there is no full overview of MCH mailinglists, and this list is incomplete too. In general, for a list called, the corresponding info page URL is

You can find the addresses on the individual pages of teams and projects.

About mailing lists

Mailing lists are an old mechanism, but it has served us very well in the past and there are currently no plans to stop using them. Unlike many new centralized collaborative platforms, e-mail is the lowest common denominator that everyone has and the most people are willing to use. It is a completely open ecosystem with numerous providers (and you can become your own provider) and choices of software that people can make. If you don't like e-mail, it might be because you haven't found the right software that works for you.

You can contact teams via their mailing lists, and the lists can be used for communication between team members.

Mailing lists are provided to teams that want them, but some teams may choose to handle their internal communication in a different way.


Subscribing to a mailing list can be done in your browser, on the list info page. After you've sent the subscription request, you may have to wait for approval from a moderator.


A common mistake is to send a message to the mailinglist, with the request to unsubscribe. Please don't do that!

The link to the info page, where you can unsubscribe yourself, is posted to the mailinglist under every individual message.


With e-mail lists, messages are distributed to each of the recipients, who can then filter and archive them according to their own preferences. If you're new to mailing lists, note that creating a folder per list, and configuring your mail software to put new list messages in that folder, is a recommended practice. But you only get the messages from after the moment you've subscribed.

Most lists also have archives where you can read past discussions. You can find a link to the archives on the respective info pages.

Requesting a mailing list

If you want a mailing list for your team or project, contact Team:Sysadmin.