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MCH2022 is less than one month away, so you might have questions about the event, planning or facilities. We collected the questions from past events and this event in this FAQ. At this moment, we don't know everything, as there is still a lot of organising being done. And EVERYTHING in this FAQ might be subject to change or need confirmation. But as always, we try our best :)

Do you have a question that is not answered on this page? Feel free to mail the Infodesk

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What happened to GHP, HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR, OHM or SHA?

Starting with the Galactic Hacker Party, every four (or during a pandemic five) years the Dutch hackerscene organises a new event with a new name. The previous one was Still Hacking Anyway (SHA, 2017). This years event May Contain Hackers :)

What are the dates of MCH2022?

The first MCH2022 talk starts on Friday 22 July 17:00 and the event ends 26 July with the closing talk at 16:00.

Is there a schedule?

Yes, see Camping. Build-up planning follows soon.

When can I enter the terrain?

Visitors are welcome from 21 July 12:00.

If you booked a village, you can start 20 July 12:00 with the build up of your village (not final yet, needs cross check with the official schedule).

If you want to help during build up, you are very welcome to do so. We can really use some strong extra hands! Please contact us before planning your extended stay. Shifts will be added to the Angel system in the coming weeks, so make sure to register and sign-up.

Where's my ticket?

If have a ordered a ticket and received confirmation, the ticket will be in you email soon! Don't worry, it will be there in time for the event :) See Tickets for more information.

What about accessibility?

First and foremost we will make sure toilet and shower facilities will be accessible. Beyond that, if you have a specific disability please contact us so we can discuss what is needed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Do note that we are limited by the fact that we are an outdoor camping event, so for example we cannot give hard guarantees about the availability of reliable power on the field for medical devices. Nonetheless, we always try to do our best!

Children during build up

Please note that during build up kids <12 are not allowed on the terrain. Older kids (12+) can help but have to be under adult supervision and wear a hi-vis vest AT ALL TIMES when outside their own tent. Even during non-working hours. If they don't help with build up, they have to be in the designated safe area.

Is there merchandise? A free volunteer shirt?

There is! But if you haven't pre-paid your MCH2022 merchandise, it is probably sold out. You can always try your luck at the last day, to see what is left. The Angel shirts are for those who've helped 3 days with build-up, or did 20 hours of shifts registered in the Angel system, or are part of the Orga.

What COVID measures are there?

We will follow the COVID measures and guidelines issued by the Dutch government at all times. During the event we will provide extra ventilation for the big tents, have places to wash your hands and if you want to wear a mask, this is encouraged, especially indoors. See Covid for the current COVID policy.

Can I help?

We love to have some help! You can help in several ways, both before and during MCH2022. Leading up to the event, you can help with the Orga. This will give you unique possibilities to learn stuff and expand your skill set, while you have fun with other people and be involved with the event. See team pages for available positions. If you want to help out during the event, that will be great too! You can register now in the Angel system. It's still a bit empty now, but there will be many, many shifts and jobs to choose from. More information will become available closer to the event.

Can my child help?

Yes! We encourage the next generation to be part of the event as much as anyone else. We are working on putting special children's tasks in the Angel System, for kids to have an age-appropriate way to help out during the event. All kids age 6 and up can sign up.

I lost something!

We will have a Lost & Found at the Infodesk. If you lose something:

  • Check the immediate area to see if you or someone else misplaced your item (it happens).
  • Ask your friends if they know where your item is. They might have put it somewhere safe for you!
  • Go to the Infodesk tent to see if someone brought your item in. If the item is labeled properly, we might even contact you.
  • If not: report the item as missing so we can keep an eye out for it. and contact you if it is found.
  • If you think the item might be stolen, we can help you with the next steps.
  • We will publish a list of items that are in lost and found after the event.

How can I pay?

Depending on where you are, you can pay in a number of ways. See the table below for the options.
If you want to pay with more privacy, you can use a QR code. At the infodesk or the harbour you can exchange cash money for a QR code.

Payment Methods
Cash Debit Card Credit Card QR-Code
Foodtrucks No Yes ??? Yes
Bar No Yes ??? Yes
Merchandise Yes Yes Yes No
Supermarket Yes No* No No
  • The supermarket accepts Maestro, but not Mastercard Debit, or any other debit card

For more details about the system and the thinking behind it see MCH2022 Payment System

Camping, buildup & teardown and villages

I want to help during build up

Awesome! Please contact us before planning your extended stay. You can register as an Angel in the volunteer system.

I want to help with tear-down!

Great! Indicate in the volunteer system when you should be able to help. If you don't want to help, that's fine too. But you will have to leave the campsite before 27 July, 12:00.

Villages and their build up - what is the schedule?

Villages take some more time to build up. Therefore, organisers of pre-registered villages can enter the terrain from 20 July, 12:00. Please check the Villages-FAQ for details.

When can I get my KarTent?

KarTents will be available from 21 July and will be handed out from a central spot on the terrain. KarTents are portable, so you can move it to your preferred camping spot, for example in your village. On the last day of MCH2022 they will be collected for recycling. If you ordered a sleeping bag and air matress, these will be rental and need to be returned.

If you want to know more about KarTents, checkout our page about Kartent.

If you want to help with build up AND booked a KarTent, please contact us, so we can arrange something.

Can I bring my campervan or (folding) trailer onto the field?

You can only bring a camper or caravan if you have booked a special campervan/trailer ticket. Check Campervan for more information on bringing your home-on-wheels. Campers/caravans can only be located in one of the designated camper-van locations and will not be able to drive on/off field during the event. Folding trailers are considered regular tents and can be on any field available to normal tents. However, cars are not allowed on the grass, so the trailer must pushed on the the fields by hand from the nearest hard road and you should bring wooden plate to put under the wheels. Please check the Villages-FAQ for details.

Where can I set up my tent if I'm not part of a village?

Village areas are soft guidelines, not hard land claims, so feel free to find any empty spot and prepare to be a bit flexible. Part of Torvalds field is explicitly allocated as 'free-for-all' for individual campers.

I need a shuttle to the station of Nijkerk?

The Shuttle_service is scheduled:

  • Tuesday the 26th from 10:00 AM till 00:00
  • Wednesday the 27th from 7.00 AM.

It departs from across the First Aid tent.

I need an ride to the station of Nijkerk on another time?

  • Take a regular line bus. There is a bus stop not far from the site https://9292.nl/zeewolde/bushalte-nulderpad . It leaves every hour from 6:39 up till 18:39. The ride takes around 20 minutes. Note: you cannot pay cash in the bus anymore.
  • Call a taxi
    • Nijkerkse Taxi Centrale +31 634343474
    • Taxi Bochhove +31 341412424
  • Take a walk to the station

Until when do I have power?

We will start shutdown power after the closing talk on Tuesday the 26th. We start with the most empty fields and work our way up from there. The last fields will lose power at some point Wednesday the 27th.


What about noise, music and such?

Mind (y)our neighbors! We like to keep it quiet from 01:00 till 7:00. So around those times loud noise/music is not allowed. If you want to make noise... start earlier.

To make sure our youngest guests get enough sleep, the camping around the FamilyZone has to be quiet from 21:00.

What is the photo/video policy for MCH2022?

The decent thing to do is ask before you take a picture or video. Not everyone wants to have their photo taken, and some might especially dislike finding themselves on the internet. Crowd shots are fine, as are pictures where people are unrecognisable. Also no live streaming as you walk around the event. Some areas and villages will be picture-free zones, make sure to follow the local guidelines.

Note: Be aware that the awesome projects the villages are hosting, may contain cameras or webcams.

How is waste-disposal arranged?

Regular event waste (trashbags) can be disposed of in one of the many bins around the fields. For larger items (not household trash): Please take home everything you bring to MCH2022. Bear in mind that everything you leave behind will cost us valuable volunteer time and possibly a lot of money that we would rather be spending on more fun stuff!

If you really want to get rid of bulk waste (grofvuil), like for instance a sofa, it might be possible to rent a bulk container for you. This will be very expensive, and needs to be paid up front. Check with the Infodesk to see what we can arrange. Don't leave bulk waste on the terrain.

Are open fires allowed (bonfire, barbecue, ...)?

No, unfortunately not because of safety reasons. Open fire is anything that is not gas powered, allowed are (butane, propane) powered stoves and barbecue grills. Please make sure u have a fire-extinguisher in the area.

We will place BBQs on the terrain for public use.

Can I sell foods or drinks?

Food-safety regulations (HAACP) don't allow that. However, if it's non-commercially (so donations only) this does not apply.

Are drugs allowed?

Just like our previous events, drugs are not allowed (any kind, any amount).

Can I put something on the dyke?


Is it allowed to swim in the water on the terrain?

You can swim in the pond that has Chriet Titulaer island in it, and in the harbor or at the beach near Engelbart field. It's not allowed to swim in the other ponds, because they are part of the irrigation system for the terrain.

Be careful when swimming out of the harbor or the Engelbart beach: the Nuldernauw is very wide, very deep and very cold. There might be unexpected and strong currents and boats that probably won't see a swimmer (and even if they saw you, wouldn't be able to stop in time).

Is it allowed to fly drones over the terrain?

See our drones page for the rules during the event.

Can I bring my dog, kitten or pet lizard?

As much as we love animals big and small, we can't have them on the field. Certified service animals are, of course, allowed.


How can I contact Infodesk?

You can mail us at info@mch2022.org. During the event we will have a physical desk in the Info tent and a phone number: INFO (4636).

Where is the lost and found?

During MCH, Infodesk will be the place to leave all the valuables you have found. If you lost something, you check the infodesk to see if your belongings are found. There will be a Lost_and_found page to register your lost and found items.

Where is everything? Where's the map?

There's an online map, and you can find the map in the booklet as well. Remember the fields are arrange alphabetically, from North to South. So the Babbage Field is close to Boole Field, but quite far from Wozniak Field.

Are there streams of the talks?

Yes, streams will be provided by media.ccc.de

Post MCH

When is the next Dutch Hackercamp?

We hope that in four(three? five?) years time, there'll be another event, with a new theme, a new abbreviation, a renewed orga and old people doing new things.

Can I buy a badge or shirt after MCH?

  • If there are any leftover shirts and hoodies, we will sell them in the MCH ticketshop. But don't get your hopes up...
  • The badges are probably all gone by then. But since the badges are open source, you can always try to make them yourself, or have someone make them for you. You can find more info on the badge here

Where can I drop my feedback?

After the event there will be a feedback page, where you can leave your feedback; both things we can learn from (or rather: the next organisation) and things that make us feel warm about the effort we put in.