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Camper / Motorhome / RV / Caravan / Recreational Vehicle / Campervan

Are you joining MCH2022 with your own camper/caravan/etc ? Awesome! On this page all (*) information about using your vehicle is collected.

Make sure you have a camper ticket booked, this is needed to access the terrain.


You can only bring your camper-van on the field with a valid camper-van ticket. Tickets are sold out, check Ticket Exchange if there are tickets offered. If your car not integrated with your 'home-on-wheels', then you also need a parking ticket.

Follow the signs for camper-vans. After your ticket is verified, you will get the option to choose one of the camper-van locations. Camper-van spots are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Camper-vans cannot drive on and off the terrain during the camp, so make sure to do your shopping before you arrive.

Drive slowly on the terrain, there will be other traffic (vehicles and people). Take your time and have a sharp lookout.


Getting power

Read this first on Power facilities  ; basically, no blue CEE connections, you need Shuko ; bring a convertor like this one

As the fields are pretty big, make sure bring plenty of meters of cabling, so you are flexible in hooking up your vehicle.

There will be not enough direct power connections available to power each vehicle separately directly on the distribution boxes on the field. Sharing is caring, so please share power connections. Ideally, you have a cable that has an external Schuko connection, like this. Then your camper neighbour could plug-in via that connection.

Please bring IP44 rated power strips ( e.g. this one to make sure you and your neighbours can get connected. Make sure it is rated for 16A (or even more, 2.5 mm2 cable would be perfect)

Always ask permission and check for the most optimal daisy chaining. Best is to use the power strip near the distribution box, to limit the amount of current through the longer runs towards the vehicle.

Using power

Due to limited power on the field (and cost perspective), we have to conserve power as much as possible. Some rules (in agreement with Team:Power ) :


  • Normal light
  • Device charging (laptop/phone/etc)
  • Refrigerator


  • Water heating (for hot water in your boiler or for tea) : use gas ; heating up water via electric will consume too much power )
  • Airconditioning units: don't use them, use natural airflow to let your camper cool down as much as possible. If it is really needed, only use max 1 hour just before sleep.
  • Electric cooking: please don't, as this creates peak loads and can result in outages
  • Other power-hungry appliances

Using your own generators is not allowed. Don't start your engine to charge-up your battery.

If you have a solar system to charge up your battery, that is allowed and encouraged, but make sure it doesn't feed back into the grid. Most systems don't, but just be sure.

Gas usage

You are allowed to cook on gas (not charcoal!) on the field. Please see Team:Fire's page about gas usage for details! Basically: make sure your system is up to spec and well maintained.

If you have a fixed LPG system for cooking, do know that getting LPG at a normal fuel station is not allowed in the Netherlands.

Fresh water

Make sure your fresh water tank is loaded for the amount of water required upon arrival; there is no camper-van service point.

Grey water

Make sure your grey water tank is completely empty upon arrival; there is no camper-van service point.

Don't open your grey water system to let the water pour out onto the terrain. If you have a system without storage, make sure you have a bucket or similar to prevent spillage into the field.

Black water

There is no camper-van service point. tbd if we can use toilets to dump black water. Don't use standard water points to clean out your black water tank , to avoid contamination.


Dispose your waste in the provided trash bins. Don't leave waste/anything when you leave.

Nearby camper service point

Nearest camper-van service point (make sure you are fully prepared before arrival): Huizen . There are some mixed reviews on the availability of grey water dumping. But fresh water and black water disposal is available. But again, you cannot drive on and off the terrain during the event, do all preparation before you arrive.