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Name Buildup coordination
Part of clusters

  • Organize and lead the whole build-up
  • Coordinate duties, tasks, and work with teardown, work closely together. Many tasks listed here hold for both roles.
  • Note: this role deals with a lot of people outside the community. Knowing Dutch is advisable for coordination, but not for general volunteers.
  • Before build-up:
  1. Assess all terrain placements/layouts/decisions on feasibility for build-up.
  2. Communicate requirements, wishes, and plans regarding build-up with all teams. Both for the teams and from the teams.
  3. Structure all these requirements, elements, plans, etc… to produce a central overview for orga (and yourself) to have an overview of all things that need to be done during build-up.
  4. Create an overview of all suppliers with contact info, arrangements made, contracts.
  5. Create an overview of dependencies.
  6. Plan the build-up(!)
  7. Identify buildup activities that might be dangerous to children/people on the grounds and provide safety measures
  8. Communicate the build-up plan. Make sure that all teams know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.
  9. Discuss your plan with *owner* to manage expectations.
  10. Double-check your plan and make sure you have everything that you think you need to improvise.
  • During build-up:
  1. Be on-site.
  2. Do a check-in of terrain with *owner*, list all issues, make arrangements if needed, and have a written confirmation of everything with *owner*.
  3. Make sure you are in the loop of everything terrain-related. You are in the lead! Coordinate!
  4. Execute and track the progress of your plan, improvise where needed.
  5. Deal with suppliers: talk to people delivering stuff, doing work for you, anything. If needed: make sure they do as they are told.
  6. Organize meetings to align all build-up activities (as many people will be working for you, orga and angels alike)
  7. Communicate information to teardown that is needed for teardown.
  • During event:
  1. Rest.
  • During tear-down:
  1. Assist tear-down where possible.
  • After tear-down: