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Name Teardown
Part of clusters

  • Organize and lead the whole tear-down
  • Coordinate duties, tasks and work with build-up, work closely together. Many tasks listed here hold for both roles.
  • Note: this role deals with a lot of people outside the community. Knowing Dutch is advisable.
  • Before build-up:
  1. Assess all terrain placements/layouts/decisions on feasibility for tear-down
  2. Communicate requirements, wishes and plannings regarding tear-down with all teams. Both for the teams and from the teams.
  3. Structure all these requirements, elements, plans, etc… to produce a central overview for orga (and yourself) to have an overview of all things that need to be done during teardown.
  4. Create an overview of all suppliers with contact info, arrangements made, contracts.
  5. Create an overview of dependencies.
  6. Plan the tear-down(!)
  7. Identify tear-down activities that might be dangerous to children/people on the grounds and provide safety measures
  8. Communicate the preliminary tear-down plan. Make sure that all teams know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.
  9. Discuss your plan with *owner* to manage expectations.
  • During build-up:
  1. Assist build-up where possible.
  2. Keep track of information that you need for tear-down.
  • During event:
  1. Double-check your plan with all teams and suppliers.
  2. Keep track of things that change during the event that affect the tear-down.
  3. Make sure you have everything that you think you need to improvise.
  4. Communicate the final tear-down plan. Make sure that all teams know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.
  5. Discuss your plan with *owner* to manage expectations.
  6. Rest, sleep, charge up.
  • During tear-down:
  1. Be on-site.
  2. Make sure you are in the loop of everything terrain-related. You are in the lead! Coordinate!
  3. Execute and track the progress of your plan, improvise where needed.
  4. Deal with suppliers: talk to people delivering stuff, doing work for you, anything. If needed: make sure they do as they are told.
  5. Organize meetings to align all tear-down activities (as many people will be working for you, orga and angels alike)
  6. Celebrate successes, motivate people tearing down.
  7. Final check whole terrain to make sure you think it is ready for handover to *owner*
  8. Do handover of terrain with *owner* and have a confirmed list of all issues for and agreements with *owner*
  9. Aim to make this list as short as possible
  • After tear-down:
  1. Tie up loose ends.