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Project Name Signage
Contact User:Moem
Status in progress
Budget 500
Fabric Length (meter)

Signage is needed to help people find their way on the terrain. It includes signs that show you how to get somewhere, and signs that show you where you are. There should be signs that indicate:

Signs that will be made (no request is needed)

  • toilets:
    • 11x ☑️
  • showers:
    • 5x ☑️
  • the Infodesk
  • field names
    • 21 x ☑️
  • street names:
    • Backbone Blvd
    • South Trunk
    • North Trunk
    • Uplink
    • Wheatstone Bridge
  • track tents:
    • Abacus
    • Battery
    • Clairvoyance
  • workshops:
    • DNA
    • Envelope
    • Family
  • supermarket
  • merch sales
  • first aid
  • safe harbour
  • volunteers ☑️
  • food court
  • bar

This list is not yet complete.

Requested signs (functional/wayfinding)

  • emergency phone number signs (how many?) ❌
  • Warehouse (1x) ☑️
  • Heaven (yes) ☑️
  • ROC (1x)
  • Radio Operations Center (1x)
  • Team:Parking
    • Kiss & Ride (1x) ☑️
    • Shuttle Pick-up / Drop-off (1x) ☑️
  • NOC (1x) ☑️
  • CTF (1x) ☑️
  • Finance
  • Portal to Hope (New York) 2x
  • Secret Token (If possible, info: )
  • GAS FULL (2x) ☑️
  • GAS EMPTY (2x) ☑️
  • Supermarket (1x) ☑️
  • <- Silent Lounge (with arrow, 2x) ☑️
  • Silent Lounge (1x)
  • 4x quiet camping ☑️
  • 1x SpeakerDesk [would appreciate if this is up and running by Day0 ~1200] ☑️
  • 2x No Parking (for first aid/fire) ☑️
  • 1x Bike Parking (for first aid/fore)
    • ... teams, go ahead and add your requests here!


  • Other teams needed? No, but they can order signs
  • Permits required? No.
  • Power in watts? No. (except for the two by the main road, maybe)
  • Network? Private network required? No.


  • The wood has been bought
  • Poles have been found and fetched
  • Font has been chosen
  • Colours have been chosen
  • Spray paint has been bought
  • Primer and background paint: bought
  • Prime wood: done
  • Cut wood
  • Paint wood

In progress:

  • Cut stencils (plotter!)
  • Apply lettering (spraypaint) with fancy gradients!

Howto: Prepare

  • The signs can be cut out of wood and painted by volunteers before the event.
  • It would be good to have some volunteers who have experience with woodworking, and with spray paint.
  • TODO: How many volunteers over how many hours are required?

The signs will be lettered using stencils that are cut out of stucloper with Moem's vinyl cutter. This is an experimental method, but proof of concept has been achieved.
To make applying the texts fast and easy, the words will be cut out as a whole (not separate letters) and then spray-painted.

Additionally, there will be spray-painted (in temporary road paint, also known as chalk paint) lettering and signage on the tarmac of the main road. There will also be decorative patterns. These, too, will be done with stencils. Netsmurf is ordering the paint for this.

Howto: Style Guide

In order to make it easy for other teams to connect visually to the signage that we'll be making, here are some pointers:

  • Colours used will be purple #491d88ff and yellow #fec859ff plus white.
  • The font will be Saira Stencil One.

Howto: Buildup

  • The signs and poles will be in and near Deco tent
  • Two volunteers can go around planting signs
  • It should take three hours or so
  • Plant pole (use large hammer), screw sign to pole.

Howto: Teardown

  • Teams can take their sign home, and anyone can take signs home if they want them. The rest will be thrown out.
  • They can be gathered by the thrash collectors, it will not take much time.
  • It would be good to send two Angels around the field to dislodge the poles.