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This subpage helps Team Content define and assess criteria for Conference Planning Tools (CPT). Up until now, Team Content has used frab (Ruby-on-rails), but will now assess Pretalx (Python) as potential replacement. An early iteration of this assessment work can be found here (Etherpad).

The assessment will be discussed on Team Content's meeting 2020-04-11.

Property frab Pretalx
Support CfP Yes Yes
Submission: Availability Yes
Submission: Notes for the organiser Yes
Submission: Recording opt-out Yes
Submission: Image Yes
Submission: Need financial support Partial4NoteClaudia_1
Support rating of submissions Yes Yes
Support confirmation of submissions in several stages Yes (We may have accepted, rejected and pending events in parallel)
Support mass mails to submitters/speakers NoteClaudia_2 Yes
Support mass mails to subsets of submitters/speakers Yes
Support feed-back from audience¹ Yes (At least text, no kind of "star" like rating)
Planning tool (graphical) Yes (but maybe limited)
Export of sticky notes for planning purposes (rating score, title, speakername, time needed, type) (cards.pdf generated by hand hacking, not all info possible) Unknown
Export of talk info for website / social media publishing purposes (title, abstract, type, speakername) no Unknown
Planning publishing Yes
Support for a ticketing system Not directly (only via Email CC)
Interface to Angel system Yes (Frab export from Pretalx and then import into Engelsystem)
In a "common" language³ No (Ruby-on-rails) Yes (python)
Secure (whatever that means)² Yes
Reimbursement management No
Reimbursement management per speaker NoteClaudia_3 No
Manually mark speaker as arrived No (but it's probably easy to implement)
Delete a submission category Yes

¹ Does this mean feedback from audience once a talk has been given, or also during the evaluation phase?

² Seems like both frab and pretalx are "secure" within some definition of secure - how stringent do we want these requirements?

³ I took the liberty of classifying ruby-on-rails as "uncommon"

4 You can add additional questions

Pretalx missing features

Missing support for the ticketing system

Pretalx currently has no support for a ticketing system, but there is at least a central place in the code where Emails are send. We may extend that to something that doesn't send the mail directly via SMTP but updates a corresponding ticket instead. Alternatively the calling function needs to be patched:

Alternatively we may do that via CC of the relevant emails.


Claudia 1 - financtial support => we need actually that ppl that asked for financial support to get flagged and that these requests are displayed in some page or the like

2- mails => we need to have automated the grouping of people that are for instance waiting for x months and automated emails that give them some feedback ( we are still working on it , etc)

3- reimboursement management "=> this is not nice to have, this is really a requirement