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Using Redmine

We might use Redmine as a ticketing system for the content team (it's probably used by many other teams as well) to manage the requests for travel budgets. In a nutshell we may do the following:

Setup and architecture

  • Every member of the content team has an account in redmine, speakers in general do not.
  • There is a dedicated issue category for requests for travel budgets, other categories might be later added as well.
  • The category has custom fields such as the amount of money requested and the amount of money agreed on. Those are integers/floats and represent the amount of euros. Other fields may be created as well such as the amount of money for which recipes have been handed in.
  • Redmine has an email address and tickets can be updated by email. Speakers are anonymous users in redmine and they may add comments to tickets.
  • Redmine has an API and a report about the currently planned/requested budget can be genereated, either with redmine itself or via the API or a plugin.
  • The status of the travel expense request (requested, agreed upon, recipes handed in, money paid out) is represented as the ticket status.


  • Speakers submit as usual via pretalx, they may indicate whether they need a travel budget, how much they probably need and potentially also whether their request has a high priority (visa needed, and for the visa they need their flight bookings).
  • Once the proposal is accepted, a ticket is created for every speaker who needs support.
  • The tickets can then be updated internally via redmine or via email, multiple content team members work on that and different submissions may have a different coordinator in the content team.
  • We can always get an overview of all the money we agreed upon either by having a custom report plugin/script or by exporting the tickets as CSV and then analysing the exported table.
  • On site, the speakerdesk and potentially more people may get access to the tickets and handle the payout in cash when required.


  • We get support from the system administrators and they configure redmine to our needs
  • Speakers manage to leave the email subject unchanged, remine uses the subject to assign the mails to the corresponding tickets

Technical background