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You can buy a glass1 at the bar for the event.

1 With glass we mean a plastic (polycarbonate) reusable cup, in different sizes and appearances for the different kinds of beverages.

No deposit

We decided not to go with a deposit system (pfand, statiegeld), not even on bottles, because we don't use cash money (or coin equivalent).

Buy a glass

You can buy your first glass for € 1.50, and we'll replace it with a clean one when you return your used glass. If you don't want to walk around with a dirty glass, or don't like having a dirty glass next to your sleeping bag, you can exchange a glass for a special (wooden) MCH-coin. When you need a new drink, you can exchange the MCH-coin back to a glass.

At the end of the event, you keep your glass, or MCH-coin, as a memento for MCH2022.

Wooden coin