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Working on
DECT +31652430987
Languages Dutch, Eglish, German
Team Team:Merch, Team:Projectleiding
Contact of Team Emergencyteam, Team:ColourMyMCH, Team:Fire, Team:First-AID, Team:Horeca, Team:Lighting, Team:Merch, Team:Moebelhaus, Team:NOC, Team:Partytent, Team:Safe Harbour, Team:Security
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Greetings Visitor you have reached the user page of Netsmurf !

I have been helping to organize these events since HAL and started out there as a general volunteer. Volunteered for the NOC teams of WtH, OHM, EMF, CCC Camp and Congres for the last few times.

Was part of PL for SHA2017 and MCH2021 (Mehhh Covid happened), now for MCH2022 I am back in PL and assisting the following teams wherever possible :

  • The Horeca team including the Volunteer Kitchen and assisting the volunteering team with organizing 24/7 volunteer food & Snacks during those long (night) shifts
  • The Moebelhaus team arranging tents, tables, chairs for both MCH2022 teams and Villages
  • The safety and security groep of teams Security/First-AID/Fire, to keem all of you safe and healty !
  • The party teams Team Partytent/Music delivering you the entertainment at MCH2022
  • The ColorMyMCH, light up the sky, lights, laser, fire amaze us !
  • (Functional) Lighting team, lighting up those dark terrain roads
  • Team NOC delivering Amazing internets sopeeds to a datenclo near to you !
  • The Safe harbour team to make an even more amazing harbour (party)
  • The clothing production, trying to make even better clothing items.

My hobbies in RL are diving, paragliding, working with wood and I enjoy organizing awesome events with all the nice volunteers.

To pay for all of this in RL I co-own several IT companies, building/maintaining/troubleshooting large ISP networks and trading in IP addresses.

If you have any questions please contact me and Ill try to help you, but if i cant i'll refer you to someone that i think can help you.

Greetings and thank you for reading this