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Bronsen Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-21
Departure 2022-07-27

Bringing Lava, cooking skills
Village Village:geraffel, Village:infuanfu
Working on
DECT 5282 (LAVA), 6773 (NRRD)
Languages EN,DE

HackerSpace c-base, infuanfu

What I am (or let's see if you can find the hidden message)

Among my superior hacking skills, excellent looks (annual best bronsen look alike for 43 years), an IQ of over 9000, a yellow helicopter and unparalleled humility I will bring many bottles of Lava.

What we made for Chaos Camp in 2019

Look at our shop to see what we have to offer this year. Ignore the prices though, because our camp prices will be lower. Cyber Globuli are free with every purchase!

If you want to have some of that delicious Lava contact me via DECT (LAVA, 5282) or come by the geraffel village.

Here is my fediverse handle:

What I do (or don't)

I will most likely cook dinner in our village, at least I will eat dinner there.

Then there is maximum chilling, and medium fun-having.