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Working on

Languages EN

About me

I'm Passionate about Security and ethical hacking.
Studied electronics so I'm also crazy about home automations, raspberries etc.
Visited many security events in the past like WTH, megabit etc.
At SHA I volunteered as fire angel and liked it so much that this year I'll contribute actively by setting-up the whole fire team.

The event

I am the coordinator for the fire safety team at MCH.
You'll find me driving around in the fire truck.

If you have any awesome projects to share during the event, please stop me when I drive by!
I really love to see what you've built :).

Fire on the event?

And if you are planning to do some crazy things with fire, please contact me upfront.
This might need to be added to the fire safety plan so we can help you make it an awesome event.

I'm looking forward meeting you all!