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Arrival 2022-07-20
Departure 2022-07-28

Bringing A smiley a Day & All drinks and food for the 4 event bars and cocktail bar!
Working on
Twitter @K4bergen
Languages EN NL

A smile a day!😃


Already had a lot of fun preparing the food and drinks for the 4 event bars: 2 Main Party Area bars, Arcade bar and Haven bar\lounge with a cocktailbar.

You'll find me on the water side, at some talks or behind one of the bars!

Bring me coffee ☕, make me coffee ☕ or be coffee ☕ and I love you! ❤️🤗

When not at MCH2022 I work at VNGemeenten as a programme manager/sr. policy advisor for the Dutch municipalities on enhancing several security pillars: information security and privacy protection, digital incident- and crisis control, online public safety and cybercrime prevention.