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Viola van Alphen is activist, writer and former director of multimedia event GOGBOT. In October she organizes Manifestations @ Dutch Design Week, reach: 350.000 visitors. Theme: Will the Future Design Us? sub theme: Internet of Women Things: on Need-driven innovation, what role do we want technology to have?

With themes like SuperPower to the People, Technology as the perfect boyfriend, Monsters, Self-reflection the the festival always seems to address one or more issues that create controversy and encourage the visitors to be more actively engaged in technology and the role they want technology to have and definitely to not have in the future. Themes around E-Fashion, Privacy, Security and Hacking.

The festival is free of entrance, taking art out of the museums and presenting it in the public space. With international artists, young talent and collaborations with i.e. Dutch Universities, most Dutch art academies, bottom up social and tech organisations, Hackerspaces, etc.

With projects like Google Birth, Baghdad Car Bomb Wrecks of Jonas Staal, Tinkebels underwear-vending-machines, Workspace for “Terrorists” from Atelier van Lieshout, Autonomous Spaceships, etc etc.

Together with a group of artists, Viola hacked herself into the Museum of Modern Art NYC using A.R. app LAYAR, which afterwards officially got added to the MoMA’s program.

During the presentation she will show several examples of (tech) art, robots and activism.

One of the goals to show worldwide professional artists active in the field of Security, Privacy and Hacking, but also build bridges between artists and hackers, and to (hopefully) take away previous experiences in seeing bad art and amateur art.

At SHA2017 you probably experienced Freerk Wieringa's exoskeleton: wearing this you could control a 3m high steel robot.

  1. Making #Robot #Art #Exoskeleton #Activism #Privacy #DDW #Design #Futurism #WillTheFutureDesignUs


Expert in the field of Which Role we want Technology to have and how to explain this to a broad audience, using Art & Design, to show alternatives for current ideas regarding Security and Safety, Internet of Things, Internet of Women Things, AI, Algorithms, Big Data, Open Data, Practical Data, Open Software, Privacy, Smart Cities, using Art as inspiring language.

Viola organised the first Singularity themed event of Europe, She is one of the founders of Internet of Women Things, she was one of the first women on the Dutch internet (incl first name in usenet's nl.* hierarchy, more), one of the pioneers in AR, VR and Second Life and Stereoscopic 3D, she programs since the age of 6. She gives enthousiast talks on Internet and IT Security in human-language, She organises Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us - one of the large exhibitions with 6000m2 of Art&Tech during Dutch Design Week.

She gives talks about Hormones and Oestrogens, Bio-Art and Bio-Hacking, E-fashion, Wearables, Digital Activism, Online Societies, she recently researched and organised an exhibition on Safety and Security in the Public and Private domain and found digital alternatives for Cameras. In 2018 she developed a education program for the University of Twente of the History of Tech Art 1900-now. She developed crossmedia and transmedia storytelling programmes for IETM, from the Art & Design Perspective, introducing State of the Art artists and designers as inspirators to the theater world.. She presented 10,000s artists in the fields of media arts and most innovative robots, exoskeletons and robotics all over the globe. She delivered over 40 invited presentations at universities, museums, and businesses around the world within the last 10 years: National Art Center Tokyo, WorldExpo Shanghai, TechFest Indian Institute of Technolgy Mumbai, Transmediale Berlin, ToShare Italy, Cellsbutton#02 Yogyakarta Indonesia, Conflux New York, Museum of Modern Art New York, ISEA Singapore, OHM, CCC, Institute of Crypto Anarchy Prague, International Filmfestival Moscow...