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Village Name /dev/lol

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Description Hackerspace & Friends from Linz/Austria
Preferred Location 52° 16' 58.80" N, 5° 31' 30.68" E
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Interests hacking
, cyber
, diy
, fun
, blinkenlights
, coding
, soldering
, slush
, tschunk
, things
, winkekatze
, hamradio
, openrtx
, mqtt
, lora
, lorawan
Registered on 6 January 2022 20:13:21
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Artdanion Verfied.png Tue Jul 19 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
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Eva777 Verfied.png Tue Jul 19 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Fire Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00
Fixd Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00
Flo Verfied.png Tue Jul 26 0:00 kinects, audio video stuff, cables
Frederik Verfied.png
Fuero Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00
Jstsmthrgk Verfied.png Mon Jul 18 0:00
Ln Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00
Mariok Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Michi824 Verfied.png
Mik Verfied.png
Rnbwdsh Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Drone (mobula7), E-Longboard, Basic Tools
Shroombab Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Stella Verfied.png
Xeniter Verfied.png
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/dev/lol is a Hackerspace based in Linz / Austria



Traditionally the devlol village acts as an exchange-hub for hackers from the south. From Vienna to switzerland and bavaria, many people use it as their base of choice. To manifest this purpose we will build an outdoor loungy area around a VW T4, former ambulance turned into a camper van. This van provides us with basic electricity (12V solar) and water during buildup and teardown. With an adjacent awning it will present a dry place, protected from rain to keep hacks, hackers and haecksen dry and cozy. The dimensions of the van are roughly 5.5m by 2.2m with a height of approx. 2.3m. It will arrive on 21st July 0:00-6:00.


cyberwehr truck

During the event the van will be decorated as a cyberwehr emergency vehicle to blend in and contribute to the jaw-dropping atmosphere we all know and love.

badge development

we built the very first app (weather app) for the 2017 badge and are looking to continue this year, with updated features and graphics. (


We have a badge controlled Winkekatze at the entrance of the village. The app can be installed from "Graphics -> winkekatze". Multiple users can 'wink' each other (now with LEDs and Vibration). (

devlol lounge

we have solar-powered PA music equipment, which we will use to host a surprise party at some point.


We will bring a LoRa GW connected to TTNv3 with a 8dBi antenna and several projects


2017 the salzamt had its premier 2017 at SHA. This year we will continue with some updated "features"

See project page

ESP32 and other DIY stuff

Come by if you want to hack along.

ham radio

field telephone