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Village Name C3WOC


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Description Crafting waffles
Preferred Location 52° 17' 1.57" N, 5° 31' 33.38" E
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Interests waffles
Registered on 27 April 2022 20:47:16
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We <3 waffles

Waffle colored C3WOC.jpg

Here are a few words about the waffles at MCH2022. This time there will be a 5x5m tent for the preparation of waffles at the MCH2022. Where this tent will be has not been decided yet, but the Village Team will decide this as soon as possible.

Since waffles are fresh food, it is not only essential to have enough power for the waffle irons, but also to maintain good hygiene. This is facilitated by access to running water.

We also very much hope to be able to perhaps share the dish washing facilities with the MCH2022 heaven. And started to talk with them about this topic. So it would be desirable to be near the Heaven kitchen.

The process of buying fresh food, essential for the waffles, is unfortunately not yet clarified...

Financially, we also have to see where we end up. Finally not only ingredients but also tent and so must be financed. And since food has become more expensive in general, it will probably come down to really recommending a donation. And to set this to 2-3€ per waffle. Which unfortunately in our eyes is already unpleasantly expensive for a waffle.

Nevertheless, we are in good spirits and hope to be able to distribute waffles diligently. Gladly we look for support. If you want to participate in the planning or baking of sweet dough products, please join us. And talk with us.