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Village Name Explody


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Description Next iteration of Explody after SHA2017
Preferred Location 52° 16' 58.30" N, 5° 31' 23.99" E
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Registered on 28 February 2022 02:43:51
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
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EXPLODY: Breaking out of the Box

Next iteration of Explody from SHA2017

Remember Noisy Square? We blew that up and made EXPLODY!

In short, Explody is focused around "Internet Freedom" efforts and being a nice, quieter spot close to the woods. We plan to have a "drop in" area for folks who want to secure their devices, along with hosting a ton of workshops and citizens from the EFF, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Localization Lab, The Internet Freedom Festival and more--all part of the official program!

Also, we promise we'll have the best coffee, come get the Italians and us into a competition. :) Come #netfreedom and chill.

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