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Village Name Hack The Health powered by Biohacking Village


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Description Covering the entire healthcare sector and seeing what's broken, what we can break, and what's next
Preferred Location 52° 17' 3.19" N, 5° 31' 27.30" E
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Interests hacking
, education
, ctf
, operating room
operating room
, health
, science
, biohacking
, healthcare
, medical
, mdm
, iot
Registered on 22 August 2021 21:23:54
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
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HackTheHealth powered by BiohackingVillage

Come join us to talk about privacy and security issues in healthcare, medical devices, and across the bio-economy! This village is sponsored and founded by Z-CERT in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

The current planned events are:

  • Hacker Bingo and Trivia
  • CaptureTheFlag - A CTF about all things biohacking. Designed for those at the entry level to advanced, including non-technical challenges for those who might be interested but don't know where to start.
  • Device Lab - Ever wondered what security is like on a drug infusion pump? A cardiac programmer? That neat looking fume hood? While the logistics of having devices in person aren't going to work out, we have the next best thing, a virtual device lab. Take the Hippocratic Oath for Hackers, download the VPN and be able to attack real medical devices. Find something? There will be contact information and support available to tell the manufacturer about it, and ensure it gets fixed.
  • Swag - What conference is complete without it? Stop by for some stickers, and an activity/coloring book.

Want to get involved?

Where you can find us

Our main tent is near the backbone bouvelard.

And our tent camp is near it on the Lamarr field