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Village Name Tor zur Welt

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TODO: Generated MCH Design (experiment here)
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Assigned Field
Description Some nerds from Hamburg
Preferred Location 52° 16' 54.05" N, 5° 31' 24.82" E
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Interests tor
, freifunk
, blinkenlights
, coding
, security
, foia
, biometrics
Registered on 19 May 2022 19:52:07
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
ActionOlaf Verfied.png
Alxndr Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Tor Exit, Soldering Iron, Badge Knobs
Don Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Grrvs Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 30m Cat6, lilygo / TTGO T-Beam, maybe other lora stuff
Hng Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00
Kantorkel Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00
Lillyx Verfied.png
Scm Verfied.png
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Some nerds from Hamburg

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