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Team Content Meeting

Online 2020-03-28 14:00 - 16:30




  • Introduce yourself, experience with (organising) conferences

What area do you want to contribute

Team size

  • What's our ideal team size?

Team communication

Let's choose which tools to use:

  • Mailing list
  • irc?
  • chat?
  • audio/video?

Get to a milestone planning

  • For SHA2017 we had the CfP live on September 3 2016
  • When do we need online/real life meetings

Draft Call for Participation

  • Thoughts on a theme?

Speakers / Workshops

  • Short brain storm: who/what would we like to have

Document outlines of processes

Current Content page as a start.


  • First thoughts on budget, how much
  • Used for travel and accommodation of selected speakers, ...
  • We need to define rules
  • It should be clear who can submit expenses, approval process to prevent like last time that people claim that something was promised
  • ...

Evaluate PretalX

https://pretalx-dev.ifcat.org/orga/login/?next=/orga/ (Add your findings in the pad https://resistencia.pads.ccc.de/4 )

Info on pretalx https://github.com/pretalx/pretalx/wiki/Events

missed in FRAB:

  • automatic feedback when a speaker entered the content
  • some way to manage finances per speaker

other requirements:

  • We should encourage speakers to enter their phone number and/or IM handle (Telegram/Signal/Wire/whatever).
  • I need the ability to manually mark the speaker as arrived.
  • I guess if I want pretalx to work without javascript, I gotta write it myself and submit a pull request on github?

[aa: if this is something we want to do, will it be possible to get it done before we need it up and running by July 2020?]

  • integration with redmine (think about things that need to be done for a particular speaker that is recorded as ticket in redmine)


  • Confirmation is missing for serious stuff, e.g. sending out batch e-mails or deleting a submission category.
  • When changing talk state, the confirmation (positive) button appears as secondary because of gray background used.

Lessons learned from SHA2017




Team Check List

For a team to embed themselves in the orga, but also be reachable for new team members, please make sure the following is listed on the team page: See Team Checklist

  • Who is/are the first point of contact (not necessarily the team lead), make sure this person or persons have contact information shared.
  • Add role information in your team description from the roles page.
  • Plan _all_ meetings up to the event itself and share them on your page. This will save you massive amounts of time with agenda syncing, datumprikkers, planners every time.
  • Make it clear for new people how to join the team and meetings. The orga and visitor wiki are now one, which should make it easier for new people to join your team.
  • Share with team:Volunteers: How many team members your team _must_ have and for what, and how many would be nice to have (and for what).