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Team Content Meeting Minutes 2020-03-28


For @Orga

  • Walter is the first point of contact
  • team:Volunteers: = we are good at the moment with a core team (10) and when it gets more towards the event, more people. For SpeakeDesk: speakers desk - day one 5 subsequent days a few more

we find too much burocracy:

  • Add role information in your team description from the roles page.
  • Plan _all_ meetings up to the event itself and share them on your page. This will save you massive amounts of time with agenda syncing, datumprikkers, planners every time.
  • Make it clear for new people how to join the team and meetings. The orga and visitor wiki are now one, which should make it easier for new people to join your team.
  • Share with team:Volunteers: How many team members your team _must_ have and for what, and how many would be nice to have (and for what).

To Do:

  • @Amelia table for requirements
  • @all add requirements for conference management system | this list has to be finished in 14 days max and then make a final call on requirements for the conference management
  • @Walter to ask Atilla about budget. Ask about subsidies
  • @Erik to add note on the table @Amelia will create about the conference management system

notes: - we don't need to have ppl at the team just because we miss expertise - jos= like the process we had. everybody grading all the content, if the talk is in the area of expertise, your opinion has more weight. - Amelia - we could have a talent pool for when we need more members.

--- Tools

  • Frab (or like)
  • mailinglist
  • redmine (or another ticketing system)
  • in person meetings

--- Process first step - conference management tool we can only have a call for participation when we have the conference management tool

bulk emails when ppl is accepted, ppl are taking in consideration,

worktitle: hacking on the rebound

  • better tools - problems with meetings on with zoom . e.d.
  • how to keep the platform safe if it is centralised
  • how the social media misinformation is a censure
  • multiple cfp's? maybe for academics
  • the more inspiring the more submissions. ppl need to see sentences that matched what they do.
  • need to be in an academic board.
  • academic paper should be indexed on official journals

what kind of world we are living in when it is closed to the dead line? can be a world where lots of things are changed, we can address this in the call of papers.

publish a proceedings (bundling of all the research pdf) if there is an academic track or village should be publishing - we can facilitate but should not be a content team responsibility. academics want to step out of their bubble

next meeting short agenda would be frab/pretalk requirements, cfp