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These are the minutes for the Content Team meeting on 2nd May 2020.

present Claudia Walter Aschwin Coco Erik Jos Robin Amelia Bert

  1. Amelia volunteers for note-keeping. Walter "volunteers" to chair the meeting.
  2. Changes to the agenda?
    1. There are no changes to the agenda at this time.
  3. FAQ format for the call for participation:
    1. In previous meeting it had been agreed to cooperate on a CfP on a riseup-pad. Deadline for amendments to draft CfP passed on April 25.
    2. Why would we want a FAQ format?
      1. We are concerned that people may misunderstand the spirit of the event.
      2. The CfP was also getting quite long, and an FAQ is a way of pushing some information to a voluntary digest.
      3. It is now a pleasant read, from its structure.
      4. There are still some grammar mistakes but they are easily fixed.
    3. Will we put this to the main orga as a pad or as an e-mail?
      1. Proposal 0: to do so as raw text in an e-mail rather than as a pad. As content team we are responsible for deciding on what the CfP will end up looking like, so we should not give the impression that anyone could come in an edit it.
      2. No objections to Proposal 0.
  4. Pretalx
    1. In the previous meeting, it was agreed that we would want to progress with Pretalx.
    2. Features discussion
      1. We will have to manage our finances via Pretalx which did not make the developer happy. It could be developed in some other tool. We will need a ticketing system anyway, and that system could be integrated with Pretalx and also do the finances.
      2. This needs to work not only in the preparation, but also on-site so that we can make assessments by the speakers' desk when people say that they have made a claim that we have previously approved.
      3. Everyone who works at the speakers' desk would also need to have an account in the ticketing system. But this might be appropriate since we are more likely to have sensitive personal data (such as rankings of speakers) in Pretalx, making it inappropriate for this data to be made accessible to people outside of content team.
      4. Having an overview of our finances was one of the requirements we had on this tool before it was selected. Before the actual conference we may need to have an overview of our finances to know what kind of commitments we can make. A ticketing system would function also for this purpose if appropriately integrated with Pretalx, through e.g. plug-in.
  5. (bis) Redmine or Bugzilla?
    1. Ticketing system?
      1. Redmine is the least bad ticketing system, but we also want to ensure that the peo ple who are administering the ticketing system are happy with this.
      2. Proposal 1: ticketing system can be discussed in the next meeting after more careful preparations of the discussion?
      3. Concern that we will have a great ticketing system feud.
      4. Budget requests need to be made at the time when we start selecting the first speakers.
      5. Proposal 1 is accepted.
  6. Academic conference
    1. Report from Erik
      1. Kirils is going to be away for some weeks so he's not going to be able to help until he has returned. Other people are happy with having an academic subconference since it's not necessarily that big of an organizational drain. It only needs budget for projector, tents, chairs, and can otherwise be externally funded.
      2. Attila will be able to respond how much the estimated cost of a village with a stage and equipment associated therewith. Renting through the main organization will give access to potential group discounts.
      3. Having a small academic conference in the form of a village and having academics for the mainstage require different organizational effort: village format will be less labour and cost intensive.
      4. Do we have an additional wiki-page for the academic village conference?
      5. No, it is currently part of the Team:Content wiki-page.
      6. The Team Content wiki-page does not currently have a lot of relevant information which makes it a bit more challenging to help other people navigate how they can easily assist with the academic conference organization.
      7. Academic village organization team still needs to constitute itself and this will be delayed by a few weeks still. Previous experiences from SHA do indicate somewhat of an urgency in getting this off the ground. Before the end of this summer there should probably be an orga team dedicated to getting this off the ground.
      8. The musical subtrack is in a similar position. There is now a wikipage for the musical subtrack. Wikipages may help other parts of the organization visualise the relationships between different subteams and what is happening in which sub-orga group.
  7. Goals and expectations: motto
    1. Do we want a motto at all?
      1. A motto for the CfP risks turning into a motto for the entire conference.
      2. Previous motto was "resilience and convenience".
      3. Proposal 2: we can have a longer list of motto proposals from which we pre-select two or three that become subject of a longer discussion at the next meeting.
      4. Brainstorming, tentative decision. There will be an e-mail.
  8. Roles for teams
    1. Mapping exercise on roles for teams
      1. We have received an e-mail asking for roles from teams. It is not currently clear what we are meant to respond to this e-mail.
      2. Team members listed on the public Wikipage is still incomplete. This is a UI issue, since all the team members are visible for a logged in user trying to edit the wikipage.
      3. Martian shares the part of the Wiki that describes the roles of the content team.
  9. Topics for the next meeting?
    1. Final decision on the motto.
    2. Erik can prepare discussions on ticketing systems, but wants to have a direct line with the administrators for such a aystem.
    3. Music project, what happens with it? What is the overlap with content? [Optional pending feedback from music project team]
    4. Layout for the CfP once it is released to the public. Timeline for providing this support.
    5. How many stages, stands, workshops etc? Early prepping with ensure better functioning facilities.
    6. What do we do if corona-crisis prevails? Contingency/emergency plans?
  10. Next meeting time?
    1. Three weeks we have orga meeting.
    2. Then have another meeting on May 16 to be able to bring news to the main orga meeting.
    3. Proposal: May 16, 14-15:30. No objections to this proposal.
  11. Chairperson decides meeting closed.