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Team Content Meeting

Online 2020-05-02 14:00 - 15:00




Who takes notes for the minutes on a pad?


Changes to the Agenda?

Action items from previous meetings

Newly added Person Action Done
2020-04-11 Walter Document budget and subsidies on wiki, email 2020-03-30 21:48 Budget question. Reply Attilla 2020-04-02 23:23
2020-04-11 All Edit the CfP, deadline April 25, consensus was that we want to edit it to make it a bit more inviting for people to hand in their talk proposals. FAQ style?
2020-04-11 Erik pretalx missing features, open/link issues, fix within pretalx or other tool?
2020-04-11 Erik/Kirils Academic conference

Call for Participation

Motto and final discussions.

Missing features of pretalx


- What are the missing features

- Can those be fixed inside pretalx or do we need another tool

- Link to change requests for the features

Pretalx Changes



Oranizing the conference:

Academic conference

roles for teams

I got an email from Melinda Kiss in the orga list. It referenced an email from Atilla but I don't see much traffic from orga@lists.mch2021.org at all and couldn't find a previous email from Atilla...

Next meeting time