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Team Content Meeting

Online 2020-07-25 14:00 - 15:00

Pad during the meeting, result in the minutes



As decided in the 2020-07-04 meeting:

The action points from the last meeting are shown at the topics they belong to below.

Notes: who volunteers?


  • Claudia: send CfP layout changes to Robin
  • Robin: apply layout changes to CfP


  • Erik: investigate possibility for a tick box for opting out from streaming, preferably adjacent to the current opt-out from recording.
  • Kirils: check in with Red Lizard on availability of wheelchair ramps on stages.
  • All: do more pretalx testing, do dummy submissions.

Naming stages

  • Walter: send mail to ORGA list on tools/objects emojis for stages, soliciting feedback.


  • Erik: use Zammad to list potential speakers non public

Speakers contacting

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time