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Team Content Meeting Minutes 2020-07-25



Absent with notice

Absent without notice

Minutes volunteer



Action points last meeting:

  • Claudia: send CfP layout changes to Robin. Done.
  • Robin: apply layout changes to CfP. Done.
  • Picture size needs to be very small (1MB). Can we increase this?
  • Keep lightning talk type.
  • Rename "Slot count" into Recurrence.
  • The duration in minutes. Leave empty for default duration for this submission type. Empty doesn't work. So either rename the text or make empty possible.
  • Don't record this talk. Make it clear that we really would like to record the talk:

"Please only check this box if it is mighty important to you not to be recorded. We have a strong preference for recording talks." -> Record everything, give speaker option to not publish

  • Add CC BY license for recording to the CfP
  • Robin will do the cleanup, Bert's talk is real.
  • CfP live on August 3


Action points last meeting:

  • Erik: investigate possibility for a tick box for opting out from streaming, preferably adjacent to the current opt-out from recording. We can remove this check box but can't add another one because of Frab compatibility. The options could be added to the second page.
  • Coco/Kirils: check in with stage builders on availability of wheelchair ramps on stages.
  • All: do more pretalx testing, do dummy submissions. Done.

Naming stages

Action points last meeting:

  • Walter: send mail to ORGA list on tools/objects emojis for stages, soliciting feedback.

-> emoji with abacus, battery...


Action points last meeting:

  • Erik: use Zammad to list potential speakers non public. Will be shown next time.

Speakers contacting

MCH2021 Orga Meeting 20200822


Not sure yet if team Content is present.

Topics for next meeting

  • Zammad: Erik shows wiki functionality
  • Cfp: status as launched
  • speakers contacting

Next meeting time

August 29 14:00 - 15:00