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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Online 2020-08-29 14:00 - 15:00


Pad during the meeting, result in the minutes


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


  • Amelia Andersdotter volunteers to take notes.
  • Walter van Holst agrees to chair the meeting.
  • Agenda review:
   Claudia wants to add the feedback on the CfP from Vesna:
       * Clarify remote participation
       * Contemporary and critical topics?
       * How will orga deal with carbon footprint?


Remote participation

Need clarification on remote presentations, how this will work with recordings of sessions, streaming, etc. We want to avoid "can you hear me?" or "does it work? does it work?" connection testing. Possibility: add requirements on remote speakers w.r.t. connection quality and conferencing tooling.

People who indicate that they prefer to give a remote presentation could be given a document with criteria for remote participation that they will have to conform to. We should also indicate some deadline (a month?) for the presenter to demonstrate compliance (video sample, aspect ratio for slides, etc.).

Action point (Walter): Will talk to C3VOC about remote participation.

In event of cancellation?

The CfP should include information that in the event of corona-no-go, the camp is cancelled rather than shifted to virtual. Could be included in an FAQ for the entire event rather than in the CfP. The CfP should also probably not include information around general orga logistics (i.e. carbon footprint). What CfP could clarify is how to do remote presentations if desired and necessary in exceptional cases.

Contemporary and critical topics

Action point (team): In response to concerns that CfP does not highlight sufficiently contemporary topics, MCH2021 website could be enriched with a series of blogposts detailing content teams' reflections on these topics of outstanding import in contemporary digital rights discussions. Each team member wishing to contribute to an orga blog should feedback with the rest of team content before requesting publication on main site.


   - expand on the CfP
   - without changing it
   - help ensure continued interest in CfP

Past experience shows that highlighting CfP helps people submit more proposals.

Action point (Claudia): Check in with team info/communication on opportunities to publish blogposts.

Action point (Claudia): Write a special topic blog on important of climate crisis in technical discussions.

CfP / Pretalx

CfP has gone live.

All the old (dummy) submissions are cleared out. All submissions in the systems are now new ones (except the serious submission from Bert). Claudia and Robin checked the style-sheet. All done.

Status of submissions

There are seven (7) submissions to date.

One speaker has asked for clarification on whether we want visions for the future, stories of the past or accounts of the present. Proposal to challenge speaker. Attila not yet responded on hotel.

There will be sleeping facilities on site too. They are being built. Attila may have provided budget indications for accommodation already.

CfP review process

Action point (Aschwin): Ask Jeroen to write up an initial draft proposal on review process before the next meeting.

Action point (Robin): Write up an initial draft proposal on review process before next meeting.

Postponed until next meeting: reconciliation of envisaged draft review processes.


Erik presents Zammad.

Visibility of Zammad sites should be restricted to editors or agents. Setting visibility to "public" creates a link that can be accessed by individuals without a log-in. The only purpose for which this is suitable would be something like a Speaker FAQ.

Many team members have not logged in yet.

Zammad will help keep track of tickets and finances, but does not have full-blown wiki functionality.

Erik will have more time to develop features/provide support in two months after he has finished his autumnal teaching duties.

Every team member should have received an e-mail with details about logging into Zammad. There is no single-sign-on for the totality of MCH2021 services yet.

Other actions points

Update from Coco:

There is still a vacancy on accessibility. This should be added to the FAQ for the entire orga whether we have wheelchair ramps. No contact with the stage builders yet, but should return to this issue.

Action point (Coco): reach out to the people dealing with FAQ on accessibility.

For information (Erik): new version of Pretalx soon. We can come back to this at a later time.

Speakers contacting

Will be covered in Zammad.

Topics for next meeting

  • Check back on action points
    • Walter to talk to C3VOC about remote participation
    • Claudia check in with team info/communication on opportunitiesto publish blogposts.
    • Claudia draft a special topic blog on important of climate crisis in technical discussions.
    • Aschwin ask Jeroen to write up an initial draft proposal on review process to be discussed this meeting.
    • Robin draft proposal on review process.
    • Coco reach out to the people dealing with FAQ on accessibility and wheelchair ramps for stages.
  • Status of submissions
  • Reconciliation of envisaged draft review processes.

Next meeting time

12 September 2020, 17:00-18:00