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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Online 2020-10-10 17:00 - 18:00


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2020-09-26 meeting:

The action points from the last meeting are shown at the topics they belong to below.


  • Notes: Bert
  • Chair: Walter
  • Any other topics?

Recap on action points

draft special blog (Claudia)

This is forthcoming, Claudia apologises. She promises this will happen in 'the coming week'.

finalise draft review proces (Robin)

This should move to the Wiki, Robin wrote a big email on the 26th of September. Robin will publish it there.

submit stage names (Walter)

Productiehuis and orga have been notified.

ask Coco for online publishing options (Claudia)

Claudia sent an email, there is a system, the emails have been sent to the list. They need login names for who wants to administrate it. Claudio will communicat with whomever runs the Wordpress instance.


Status of submissions

There are now twenty, one of which is about fries being prepared on stage.

Coco has been asked if the number of submissions matched our expectations, we have 20 now, some people are hoping for 500. Last time we did around 300. We're not dissatisfied with the number. There is of course a general COVID-related lack of holy fire in chasing submissions.

We propose to make some more noise for the CFP. Jos notes that the best promo would be accepting some high quality submissions already. We're not sure if there any of those yet.

ACTION POINT: We can also do a blog post about the review process. This might be a good first post.

specific speakers we would like to invite

Two names have been discussed (not for the public notes). These sound good. Walter will poke someone he approached earlier. ACTION Point: Bert promises to put up the person he approached on Zammad. The sequence is to discuss people on Zammad until we know they will actually do a presentation.

ACTION Point for everyone: think up some speakers we can discuss, put it on Zammad. We'll put them into one big list.

make a template to invite people as a speaker

https://wiki.mch2021.org/Team:Content/HowToInvite was written earlier.

Status of Zammad

"It is a bit strange but it works". Kirils has some ideas on how to reconfigure or improve Zammad. "Creating a new ticket is super strange, it is not clear what the categories mean". It turns out the sysadmin team has configured Zammad to their liking, which may explain a few things. ACTION Point: Kirils will compile his suggestions & work with Erik what we want.

Any Other Business

We discussed Bert's new side business as [part of the deep state](https://tib-ivd.nl). The committee has no problems with this, but wants to note it was discussed.

"The energy level" - there are discussions on the go/no-go decision (due to Corona). Coco attended part of the meeting, and we hope to get more detail on the discussion. It has been noted that energy levels / urgency are not at the normal level compared to 4 years ago. We don't think there are specific issues for Team Content, except that speakers are a bit more hessitant to sign up speakers since the future is so uncertain.

There is no clarity or structure on it yet. Finances are a big worry if the event needs to be postponed. Regarding energy levels, cancelling early might be preferable. Stay tuned.

Coco has asked for a risk analysis beyond just opinions. It is also not clear if postponement might be 1 year or 4 years (!). Suggestion is that everyone asks the projectleiding directly about their worries, or send it to the orga list.

Topics for next meeting

  • Go / no go updates
  • Our action points

Next meeting time

31st October 17:00