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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Bold indicates action points

Online 2020-11-14 17:00 - 18:00


Noor (Team:Info, first part of the meeting) Richard (Team:Info, first part of the meeting)

Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2020-10-31 meeting:

The action points from the last meeting are shown at the topics they belong to below.


  • Notes: Bert
  • Chair: Aschwin
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Robin, Jeroen

Team:info will be invited to enlighten us about their tasks

Noor and Richard are joining this start of the meeting. Therefor this agenda point is first.

We've read the blogpost reviewing and publishing process and it looks ok. Noor indicates that while there could be a veto, this is not expected to happen a lot "we don't micromanage". https://wiki.mch2021.org/Blogpost_reviewing_and_publishing_process

As team Content, we've promised two blog posts in the coming days. Team info suggests sharing some CFP submission statistics (how many, which countries).

Noor will make some Wordpress accounts for us.

There are only 10 weeks remaining until the CFP is supposed to close, so we'll need to ramp up our engagement.

Besides Twitter and the blog we also have Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon, but these are not large (additional) channels.

There is some discussion about the design, but we're going to skip it for now.

Twitter and social media strategy for effectivizing our communication

Bert suggests tweeting it up a bit. We have 10 weeks left! The goal is to remind people that we exist, since not everyone might be aware that an CFP is going on. With hashtags and interesting content we should be able to generate some viral tweets. Bert is aching to take care of this.

Blogposts (content final review)

We are happy with the posts. New blogposts are also welcome

Recap on action points

Blogposts (content final review) (All until Nov 7)


Draft blog post review and publishing process and publish it on the wiki (Coco)




Add at least 3 speakers you would like to see to the list in Zammad (All)

Zammad fields (All)

Pretalx is the vehicle to get information from speakers, but discussion is in Zammad.


Invite ijon, witchDoc, katzazi to add to the pad about Zammad fields (Kirils)


Invite member team Info (Aschwin)

Done, Noor and Richard joined.

Give a summary of team status in orga meeting (Claudia)



Zammad fields

Have been discussed.

COVID-19 status (go/no-go)

No new updates. There should have been an evaluation, but everyone forgot, and it didn't happen. We have not heard it will be postponed. The blogpost and the meeting on Saturday remain the most up to date status.

Brief discussion on the COVID-19 situation - it is very hard to predict what will happen. April/May 2021 is when the big decision needs to be made at the latest.

Status of submissions

22 speakers, 10 weeks to go. This needs a lot of work.

Specific speakers we would like to invite

Some discussion, not too much has happened. RC3 (CCC remotely) has remote assemblies, and we can promote MCH there as the "next physical conference". We should tell the orga list so they know (and can join in).

Team member participation review

Jeroen notes he'll likely won't be joining MCH2021 physically, but he will attempt to be more active on the mailing list.

We note that most activities are now during the biweekly meetings, and far less over email.

Erik misses the physical things and having a good time. It is just not as much fun as it used to be pre-COVID. Jos notes that the chance it might not happen (in 2021) also puts a damper on things. There is optimism it _could_ be done, but key is, how will this look in March 2021.

Furniture requests

Do we have to organize that? The electricity and projectors were not good last time round. Ashwin should check in with Atilla to see if we have a role there.

There is discussion on distancing requirements and what this means for tables etc. If a speaker needs 3 tables and ten chairs for my talk, is that something we have to care about? We should put this in PretalX and get logistics to arrange for that.

For planning, focus on normal circumstances with 1.5 meter distances, and worry about the specials later.

Get a sofa and a hammock. Very important.

Finance procedures

Moved to next meeting.

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Finance procedures

Next meeting time

28th of November 17:00.