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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Online 2021-02-13 17:00 - 18:00



Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2021-01-23 meeting:


  • Notes: Martian
  • Chair: Walter
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Jos

Intro Hugh

Everybody did a short introduction.

Recap on action points

Try to get subsidy again (Bert)

No progress yet.

Ask sysadmin to do the upgrade of pretalx (Erik)


Who is responsible for the tables/chairs/power cords/projectors/lighting/... in workshop tents? (Coco)

Tents need to be dark enough and/or projectors good enough so they are usable.

Not done yet on purpose.

Demo new pretalx features in meeting after meeting January 23. (Erik)

Done. https://pastebin.com/UZhX20X0

Provide a declaration form for speakers (Attilla (Coco))

Not done yet.

Will design input for speakers (Kirils)

Waiting on the form above.

Make lists of things that are needed at speakerdesk (such as a printer). Setup list, document somewhere, send to Finance, cc Coco (Kirils)


Create a blog post on extension of CfP (Walter)




COVID-19 status (go/no-go)

"# Expectation as of 13th of February Barring major surprises:

Numbers will go up and down for a bit. This will continue through February and March.

things will not look promising during this time

The new variants so far don't look like they will change this trajectory. They might change 'mostly down' to 'up and down'.

In April, everything will likely start to improve remarkably, both because of weather and enhanced vaccination.

Somewhere in May, people will start to think the problem is solved, but it seems likely restrictions will remain for large in person events.

Vaccinations will likely stall among younger people and not reach >40%, not for lack of vaccines, but because of "why?""

  1. DRAFT #

Hi MCH orga,

Soon (feb 24), we as team Projectleiding (PL) have another "breakpoint" meeting in which we will try to establish the viability of the event. As is common with debugging through breakpoints, we aim to introspect all the known variables, and to evaluate the possible outcomes for the many unknowns.

We will look at a lot of numbers, of course, but we also depend on input from the orga. Our collective wisdom is essential for making the right decision. That's why we have a few open questions for you in your capacity as an organizer of MCH2021.

We would like to receive many replies, but feel free to skip any questions:

- Which team are you in?

Team Content.

- Are you answering these questions on your own behalf, or on behalf of your team?

On behalf of the team.

- How are you doing?

- What is your expectation of the summer of 2021?

- Corona rules evolve over time. In your opinion, are we sufficiently flexible to deal with last-minute changes?

- What are your thoughts about covid safety rules in the context of an event?

- Are you looking forward to MCH2021?

- Is there anything else that you would like to share with PL?

If you would like to share your answers in the publicly archived PL mailing list, please reply to <projectleiding at lists.ifcat.org>.

But we understand that some people may want to include personal matters. (this is entirely optional!) If you prefer to inform the PL members privately without a publicly readable archive, please reply to <projectleiding-prive at lists.ifcat.org> instead.

Thanks for taking the time for expressing your views!

Action point: first draft Amelia, Bert

Extending the CfP deadline?

Done, end of March.

Presenting remote

AP Walter: ask productiehuis for their thoughts

Submitting the proposal for subsidies

Bert says sorry

Academic content:go/no-go?

Erik: no update. Nobody can make a commitment yet.

New blog posts?

Walter will create a new one.

Status of submissions


Specific speakers we would like to invite

Briefly discussed.

Demo new pretalx features in meeting after meeting January 23.


Upgrade pretalx


Zammad fields

Not discussed.

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time

2021-02-27 17:00 - 18:00

Future topics