Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-01-26

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Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-01-26
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Jitsi
StartDate 2022/01/26 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/01/26 21:00:00
Where Jitsi,


This is a bi-weekly meeting is on jitsi The address is: For more info see jitsi. An overview of all meetings is here: meetings.


What is an orga Jitsi?

The orga jitsi is a bi-weekly online meeting where the progress and state of the organization are shared. It serves as a moment for the orga to meet each other and discuss things that are (bound to) happening.

Do i have to register?

The jitsi meeting can be accessed without any registration via the link above. Just use a modern browser and join.

Are there minutes?

Minutes are made every jitsi and shared on the respective jitsi meet page.


N People present: N=23

Current ticket sales: 997 We need to reach 1500 b4 end of feb


  • 1000-3 tickets sold, hard deadline on 1500 end feb (75k donations) or cancel
  • Tent contract signed, thnx to donations. Blogpost will be published with a thank you
  • There will be a "please donate" mail as 80% donates, which is lower than expected
  • Contact with scouting is happening, now working on sanitation/water
  • There will be more posters/flyers/banners/flags/stickers/etc soon, as things are okayed
  • Sponsoring is going pretty well, contracts pending to be signed


  • Wheeze + Flimpie are forming a team and will continue organizing together.
  • Contacting supplier about numbers.
  • Contacting teams about specific needs.


CfP closes in 6 days, 3 hours Blog posts were written, more in progress, please help to spread the word and submit Team is working on blog posts and speakers, speakers, speakers


Budget is delayed, so has to be flexible SHA2017 lecterns have arrived chez Moem for renovation Deco will meet after this meeting


Visible on the main site: There's also an interactive Grafana instance:


For those who want to tinker: there's an MQTT feed available at mqtt:// and there's also an SHA2017-badge app available


Sometime soon we'll be handing out new accounts which will replace the current wordpress accounts. We'll poke you when this applies to you. Old accounts will cease to work sometime later after this.

On-site Logistics

Working on the first invoices of Boels. Teams please check the link below if it is still correct for your team.

Mail needed updates to

Note: only rental parts that are on the website of! No disposibles. Costs will