Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-02-23

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Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-02-23
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Jitsi
StartDate 2022/02/23 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/02/23 21:00:00
Where Jitsi,


This is a bi-weekly meeting is on jitsi The address is: For more info see jitsi. An overview of all meetings is here: meetings.


What is an orga Jitsi?

The orga jitsi is a bi-weekly online meeting where the progress and state of the organization are shared. It serves as a moment for the orga to meet each other and discuss things that are (bound to) happening.

Do i have to register?

The jitsi meeting can be accessed without any registration via the link above. Just use a modern browser and join.

Are there minutes?

Minutes are made every jitsi and shared on the respective jitsi meet page.

Present: 16 people



  • Orga Meet 12th of March 2022 @ BitLair, 14:30 + max 30 people (for now) at the physical venue (register at the wiki! already 13 there for physical meet)
  • Covid Breakpoint meeting will happen March 2nd (next week)
  • Donation target of ±75.000 met, safe to continue organizing
  • Sponsors (ha ru si on)
  • Adyen (Platinum), Access42 (Silver), Stegen Electronics (Silver) signed on since last meetup
  • OVER 9000 MONEY
  • 40k needed in event budget
  • Already 80k signed
  • 125k in discussion (new: Deloitte cybersecurity, UBPorts, Korper ICT, AT Computing)
  • refrigerator in moebelhaus is a GO (€125 rent & €250 deposit) ❤️ -> type:
  • Vacancies at Finance, Info and in PL
  • Ticket sales at 1252, on track


Meeting held between designer Nikolett and eigenlabel. Previews have been shared


No updates this week, but next time we expect to have something!

On-site Logistics

Sorry, no time to join the meeting. In contact with Boels. Already got some updates from Teams. Please let me know if anything is needed from Boels. Will update the google spreadsheet ( somewhere this week.

Need an update from Team:Terrain (or who is in charge of the track tents) about the amount of chairs needed for which tent. Didn't get a clear response on my e-mails.

Team: Content

Two new team members, one member who was not very active left. CfP is extended until the 1st of March: If you have a suggestion for a potential speaker approach the speaker yourself or give us a hint: We are talking to and are approaching more potential speakers. Two new blog posts since the last meeting, another blog post in the works.

Team: Badge

HW going on nicely Design is same as last year, probably not changing anymore In 1 month 4th and last prototype will be ordered SW people have received prototype More SW people wanted! Especially web dev and FPGA dev


GPN is happening 19. Mai - 22. Mai 2022