Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-03-23

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Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-03-23
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Jitsi
StartDate 2022/03/23 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/03/23 21:00:00
Where Jitsi,


This is a bi-weekly meeting is on jitsi The address is: For more info see jitsi. An overview of all meetings is here: meetings.


What is an orga Jitsi?

The orga jitsi is a bi-weekly online meeting where the progress and state of the organization are shared. It serves as a moment for the orga to meet each other and discuss things that are (bound to) happening.

Do i have to register?

The jitsi meeting can be accessed without any registration via the link above. Just use a modern browser and join.

Are there minutes?

Minutes are made every jitsi and shared on the respective jitsi meet page.


People in meeting: ±27


  • Extra pysical orga meeting (16 April 2022 @ Bitlair from 14:30)
  • Number of badges has been settled on 3500, first come first serve
  • The price for hoodies has been raised a bit cause of production cost hike (and we're still losing on it...)
  • For visitor parking we're using the farmer fields again, and are colaborating with nawaka and de wereld for convenience (and cost reduction)
  • The logistical area will be at the front of the site, where there already is a parking area.
  • Arranging permit submission: roughly a week for contributions. Last call is on the 28th of March.


Renders have been shared on the "the twitter". There will be samples soon(tm).


The most awesome spot on the field for heaven. Nice and central in the event. Angel system signup will start opening soon(tm): for sweatshops for badge/decoration etc. Working on food, stuff is moving.


We have a mailinglist now ( Please send in your request for equipment asap!

Team: Content

  • Busy reviewing
  • First discussions with speakers who need financial support and/or who need a Visa
  • We asked for 10 hotel rooms for speakers, in February it was mentioned that hotel rooms are reserved, how many did we get and from which date to which date? 6 for speakers.


Deco update:

  • bulk order of cool dichroic film has been placed
  • project "kaleidoscope" prototype looking good, will plan mass production soon, hopefully
  • other projects are also prototyping
  • shipping is hella expensive and shortages of everything drive up the prices for us too 😦


Will stay within the main budget, but might run over the production budget (eating into the team buffer budget). Version 4 has been designed and prototyped. Working on demos for hype. On twitter we're now: @BadgeteamNL Looking for contributers for software: for the OS, FPGA and WebIDE.


If you need a bank card for your team, to pay in shops or online: Because of new laws we need PII for this, otherwise TERRORISM.


Talking to people who need help or Visa assistance.


Mail will be sent to buy you stuff, we do shopping runs.


PSA: Sometime this week or the next week we'll be moving over the mailing lists to Sending to will continue to work for compatibility.


Worked on a new draft for the physical layout (visible on You can verify if you're looking at the new one if there is a lot of tenst on it... like 3 stages. You can clear cache by opening the inspection tools or use cmd/ctrl shift r f5 fullmoon.

Some important points - We settled on a particilar location of the food area - The stages are on the main field, close to the road and have a nice walkable distance - There is now a sensible location for the smaller tents... for example: team tents are not in a cluster anymore, but directly connected to the main road - As a general rule, the noise gradient is louder towards the north


Boels order is being finalized, must be done quickly as stuff is getting scarce (already less tables than we wanted).