Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-09-02

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Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-09-02
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/09/02 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/09/02 22:00:00
Where Mumble,


See Mumble for information on how to join.

Previous meeting + minutes: Bi-Weekly_Orga_Meeting-2020-08-17

  • At the field day we did a 'low-key' opening of the ticketshop where you can now buy 'gift cards' - for more information see Tickets. News travelled faster than expected and we have already sold ~600 (and received payment for ~500) gift cards.
  • User:Attilla and User:Manduca have a visit to Boels planned to discuss renting all kinds of infrastructure
  • The Sponsor document is available to be shared with potential sponsors. Feel free to distribute it.
  • Team:Power has been making progress with the plans to remove our reliance on diesel generators. Teams that expect to use a lot of power (such as the food court and Team:Partytent) are encouraged to share somewhat detailed plans/wishes with Team:Power soon.
  • The power distribution also impacts what is feasible for the layout of the terrain, so Team:Power and Team:Terrain will discuss this and Team:Terrain hopes to be able to summarize their (broad-strokes) findings next mumble meeting.

After the plenary updates/discussion various teams moved to breakout rooms for further talks in smaller groups.