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This page is part of the Team:Volunteers of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and "Make Camp Happen", please participate as an angel.

Heaven is the lounge/dining hall for all our amazing volunteers.


Find us here!

We're on the South Trunk, just off Backbone Boulevard. We're right in the middle of the event, between the Abacus, Battery and Clairvoyance stages. When you pass POC please sing 'banana phone' to the POC people. It's very important!


Angel desk

After you've signed up at the Angel system please visit the Angel Desk to get your angel-badge and get your account activated. The Angel Desk can also help you with finding shifts to do, explain how volunteering works and much more!

You'll also find here

  • the Angel Shirt and Water Bottle (while stocks last)
  • Rapid Antigen Tests for angels (if you suspect yourself of having COVID-19, please wear a mask when coming to pick up a test, or better: ask a friend to pick one up for you).
  • Angel-only limited edition sponsored patches you can stick on your clothing or bags
  • Sunscreen

We can also stamp your Hackerspace passport with a custom 'Make Camp Happen' stamp to have us in your awesome history of visited places!

Dining hall

When you've done a 2hr shift, you'll earn a voucher for food! Come see us at breakfast, lunch or dinner, exchange your voucher (and show your angel badge) and enjoy a free meal!


Yes we've got a kitchen and we're not afraid to use it! We've got an awesome team running the kitchen and with a little help from a few angels we're serving well over 500 meals per day!


We hate single-use plastics, so we've got a dishwashing station in Heaven for all our dishes, cups and cutlery.